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Life is too short not to eat food you love! --- and food that's good for your body and for your soul. Life's also too short to struggle with negative food experiences. Here's where I, Fitchick Foodgasm, offer an entirely new opportunity and route to enjoying food and getting excited to fit more of what you love into your every day life. I am 'Team: Make Food Memories'. This group is to a chance to learn a number of ways to love the food you find or cook while supporting your lifestyle, health, and as I prioritize it: Your Live-A-Little-Goals! Oh - Did I mention, all the while being able to eat, sip,munch, and crunch on some fresh catered food at each meet up!

I am a personal chef, cooking instructor, grocery store guide, and Die-Hard Foodie. I also have a background in fitness and figure competitions, but before you go thinking I'm a kale juice and salad loving obsessed, know that my favorite foods are most people's favorites-- sweets, pizza, burgers, and BBQ. And I show my clients, friends and community how to make it, eat it, and balance it for a body and life they love, inside and outside of the kitchen.

This group is a time where you can come and ask any food, cooking, shopping, supplement, product, cooking gadget, and/or diet questions you have while getting custom insight into themed food and nutrition topics like: >Detoxing, >Gut Health, >Cooking Hacks, >Foodgasmic Meal Prep & Recipes, >Grocery & Shopping Guides, >Diets, Cooking Trends (Air Fryer & Instant Pot), >Carbs, >Dining Out Mindfully, DYI Meal and Cocktail Favorites,.

Enjoy events from mini grocery store tours to cooking classes to discussion sessions while you sip and savor. You'll learn to walk the supermarket with new eyes and fill a basket and pantry with food you thought you could never have but actually should and could be eating. This group is a fun way to learn small but mighty tricks in cooking, food nutrition, good-for-you brands, and dining that make monumental changes in health and happiness with food.

I'm not all kale juices and salads. My favorite foods are most people's favorites, but I've built a lifestyle, a body, and a brand around implementing how to make refreshingly easy and healthy swaps so you enjoy food -- whether you're dining out or making it yourself.
In support of the foogasms you could be enjoying, come ready to make food memories! Check out more at: Facebook.com/FitchickFoodgasm (http://www.facebook.com/FitchickFoodgasm) and IG @fitchickfoodgasm (http://www.instagram.com/fitchickfoodgasm)

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