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OK, so you may watch English Premier League games on TV in pubs in central CPH already. But it's hit-or-miss how often you get to sit with someone who, a) wants to speak English, or b) has something vaguely intelligent to say about the game. This group will provide both. You probably support Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City or Utd, or even Tottenham (teams listed strictly in alphabetical order!). But you love the drama of all the big games, and you might come along even when your team isn't playing, providing the crack is good. Oh, and with the price of beer in CPH, you're probably happy just to buy your own. Me? I can make one pint last a whole game.

P.S. Have you seen there a sister facebook group where we run events?

If you want to make sure you won`t miss a game, join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/148825532442638

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