• Related Event: Sake Sunday

    Distelweg 83

    Hello Sake Supporters, A friend of the For Sake's Sake Meetup will be hosting a sake tasting event on the 18th August. If you want to taste some sake while we are organising the next official event this is a great opportunity. This is not organised by us so please send any questions to the contact on the Facebook event. https://www.facebook.com/events/338677663746126/ Kanpai! Cesar

  • Sake Tasting at Hokkai Kitchen

    Hokkai Kitchen

    We will be at the Hokkai Kitchen Open day in Ijmuiden with a selection of Sakes to taste. The event is hosted by Hokkai Kitchen, an importer of authentic Japanese products including fresh fish which they turn into delicious food products which you can eat at their restaurant. Entrance is free! On the day they cut up an enormous tuna as well as other sashimi products (check out their facebook page). They will also have other Japanese products to eat and drink as well as some entertainment. It is a great day out and an excellent way to consume top notch fish with Japanese ingredients. For Meetup Members we will have a special deal for a bottle of sake and some sashimi (price TBD) to take home. We will not have time to explain the sakes in detail as we usually do but you can taste as many as you would like. On the day there will be the following sakes to taste for everyone: Gazanryu 'Gokugetsu' FJDG Hakkaisan Junmai Ginjo Kozaemon Junmai Ginjo Dewasansan Jikagumi Shindoshuzoten Ura Gazanryu Fuka Junmai Isojiman Omachi Tokubetsu Junmai Kozaemon Junmai Banshu Yamadanishiki 6Wari-5Bu Shindoshuzoten Betsuatsurae Gasanryu Usunigori Shindo Ura Gasanryu Koka Nakajima Jozo Shiroku Yuzushu Denshin Yuki Junmai Ginjo Garyubai Junmai Ginjo Gohyakumangoku Look forward to see you there! Kanpai Cesar

  • Sake Meetup Number Four- New Venue!

    Ramen Dining Bar SORA


    Hello Sake Devotees, For the fourth installment of For Sake's Sake! Meetup, we will be trying a new venue, and a new Sake theme! For the venue we have chosen Ramen Dining Bar SORA, an authentic Japanese Izakaya style restaurant. Once again we hope that being surrounded by a Japanese setting and eating delicious Japanese food will make the sake even more enjoyable. The menu will be confirmed shortly, there will be a vegetarian option. For the sake we have decided to taste 5 different sakes from a single brewer, Kozaemon from Gifu prefecture. This is a small boutique brewery with a small production and a long sake history. By focusing on one brewery we can discover the outcome of designing different varieties of sake by the same brewer, what is the common thread and why each particular type was chosen. The sakes we will taste are: Kozaemon Sakura Label Nama Kozaemon House Junmai Kozaemon Hiyaoroshi Kozaemon Junmai Ginjo Dewasansan Jikagumi Kozaemon Yamahai Junmai We will continue with the same format as ever, 5 small dishes with 5 decent glasses of sake (about 100mL per glass). We will explain a bit about the sake, a bit about the food and then enjoy and share experiences. Price for the whole evening will be €35 which you can pay by Paypal through Meetup or card on the day**. Looking forward to seeing you soon! **If you are planning to attend and pay cash, please contact me directly or say you will attend in the comments section so I can get an idea of numbers. It seems you cannot either use Paypal or pay cash, it has to be either/or** Kanpai! Cesar

  • Sake Meetup #3- More food! More sake!

    Ku West


    Hello Sake Fans, It is now time for our 3rd Sake Meetup! We are gaining in attendance, improving our format (although still some hiccups) and having a great time. 10 sakes presented so far and we hope to keep expanding in varieties and speciality products. I've gotten a bit of feedback from the last meetup and we are taking suggestions on board for the next one. For the 3rd Meetup we are keeping the same concept as before, Sake with Food pairing. We have 5 new sakes to try with 5 paired Japanese dishes with a twist, made by the amazing chef's at Ku West. Again the overall theme is to have a nice evening with delicious sake and equally delicious food. It is an informal setting for easy conversations and enjoying the company. For those who haven't been to a our previous events, we serve a nice glass of sake with each dish (around 100mL), enough to really enjoy and taste a few times before and after you've eaten. The dishes are tasting size and fancy and delicious. To keep it simple we will only have one menu option this time, €30 for food and sake. This is a really great deal considering the quality of sake and food. We will have other Meetups later in the year with sake only if this is requested by enough people. If you have any suggestions of places, themes, formats, please get in touch! Look forward to seeing you again, or meeting you for this first time. Kanpai! Cesar

  • Second Meetup at Ku West, Sake with Yakitori

    Staring @ Jacob

    What did we learn from the first Sake meetup? 1) People prefer to be outside when the sun is shining :) 2) People like to have the Sake meetup after work 3) It is a lot of a fun and a great way to meet people What did we taste? 1) Akishika- Junmai Ginjo from Osaka 2) Kirei 80- Sake from Hiroshima 2) Hakugyokuko- Unpasteurised Junmai from Chiba 3) Mutemuka- Organic unpasteurised Junmai from Kochi 4) Kizan- Junmai Ginjo from Nagano 5) Plum Sake 6) Yuzu Sake So with that in mind we have changed the location and time of the second Sake meetup. Sake meetup 2 will take place at Ku West, the sister of Ku. They have an outdoor table if the weather is nice. We will also have the meetup from 18:30, with the tasting starting at 19:00, I hope everyone can make it. Our fabulous host Hiro will be there again. The few people that came to the first meetup were happy with the format and so we will keep the this consistent for the second meetup. We will bring some new sakes, and do some pairing with the speciality of Ku West, Kushiyaki! We will keep the options the same than the first meeting, a food pairing menu with a fixed price (TBD) as well as sake only tasting if you aren't hungry (price TBD). If you just want to come and chat that is also fine. As this is still a new Meetup, we need as much feedback to make it the most interesting to the most people, so please come along so we can get to know each other and get to know what is the best Meetup for you. Looking forward to August 15th! Kanpai!

  • First Sake Meetup, For Sake's Sake! Let's get to know each other.

    Finally the location is confirmed!! The first For Sake's Sake! will be at Ku Kitchen Bar on Utrechtstraat. You can get there with the 4 from Centraal Station and 10min by bike. For those who confirmed for the 27th I'm sorry I had to change the dates to fit with this venue (now on Monday 2nd July). The idea of the first meetup will be to get to know each other and also to get an idea of what is of particular interest to the members. What do we want most out of the meetups, how is the time best spent. How much do we want to learn, or just hang out and chat. Please come down for a drink and some Sake conversation. We will be adding a link for tickets shortly to pre-order a Sake Tasting with Food Pairing, organised by Ku Kitchen. For €12 we can taste 4 Sakes paired with a mouth sized portion of Japanese inspired cuisine. I think it will be a great start to the For Sake's Sake! adventure. Keep an eye out to this page for the link. Please feel free to message me with ideas, suggestions, and Sake's that your are dying to taste. Kanpai!