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Forgive me! I thought I posted this days ago.....Fermented food class in SoHo!
Hi All, I've made contact with a Japanese chef here in NYC, Reiko. She is a champion of fermented foods, something I am just beginning to learn about. She has graciously offered to open her kitchen to us for a class. You will get location info after you've paid for your seat. Details follow, taken from her email to me yesterday. Hope to see you there! Space is limited & first-come, first-serve. ******** Yes, we can do class this Saturday about the fermented dishes from Japan. The class would be from 1 to 3 pm at my kitchen in SoHo. The cost would be 50 dollars per person, with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 students (including you). By the end of Thursday I would need to have your confirmation and fees transferred, so that I can make the necessary arrangements on Friday. If we don't reach minimum people, we can postpone it till next time. As the time is a bit tight, I will not have time to advertise this class. Also, I would not like to be filmed while teaching (I will be very nervous!). Thanks. My paypal account is [masked] The class will be about how to make a fermented salt and the different usage of it. I will show you also another recipes with Japanese koji mold. You can find the interesting articles about fermented salt. ********** We have the minimum paid for -- John & I will be there, so the class a "Go." Pay her directly to secure your place in this class. Don't worry if you don't get in -- if the demand is high I will arrange for another class when she returns from Japan in November. Wishing you happiness, wealth & longevity, Janelle

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After nearly 30 years of mentoring countless men who wanted more out of their lives, I have decided to offer my experience as a retreat master to the meetup community of NYC. My goal for this group is to witness each other’s success in reaching for and living more joyful, peaceful, loving and rewarding lives.

Through moderated group discussions, activities, & retreats, group members identify attitudes, beliefs, & habits that damage or hamper relationships with themselves and others. We can transform life’s circumstances, no matter how difficult or tragic, towards the highest good of all concerned. History is not destiny! We start within, but outer transformation can manifest faster than you might expect.

I share some of my personal experiences as teaching tools. We will learn to recognize and be grateful for challenging people & situations. They are among our greatest teachers for the contrast they provide in defining what we do (& do not) want in life.


After collaborating for over a year, we decided to venture into the meetup world. My background is in program planning, which aims to boost an entire community’s quality of life -- based on that community’s own consensus-based definition of high quality.

I also love working with individuals at the deepest emotional and energetic (e.g., unconscious) levels to reach their own quality of life goals such as:
--losing weight;
--quitting smoking;
--managing diabetes;
--eliminating phobias, PTSD, allergies & addictions.

As a health educator (master of public health), I help people access the information they need to make better decisions.

As a student of world religions, philosophies & teachers (grad work in theology & studies with masters), I draw from many schools of thought for tools to help us strengthen & use the body-mind connection.

As a practitioner of the energy arts (Reiki-M, Thai Massage, MTHS, EFT-3, & TFT certification in California & Thailand), I have personally experienced, facilitated & witnessed miraculous transformations in myself & others.

Some of my studies & readings include such teachers, authors & books as: David R. Hawkins, Candace Pert, Bruce Lipton, Byron Katie, Marshall Rosenberg, Kelly Bryson, Roger Callahan, Fritz Guy, Abraham-Hicks, Caroline Myss, Doc Childre, Bruce Cryer, M. Scott Peck, Mark Anup Karlsson, Jaz Goven, Jacque Smillie, Samir Selmanovic, Richard Hart, Raj Arole & his late wife Mabelle, Suzanne Montgomery, A Course In Miracles & others.

I look forward to meeting each of the therapists, healers, coaches & other spiritual aspirants who attend this meetup group's events.


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