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Do you love to learn about the magical edible and healing world we live in? Like getting together to share skills and knowledge? This group is for those who practice or would like to learn about practicing herbalism and/or foraging. No knowledge required - just curiousity, a friendly face, and a willingness to share.

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Build Your Personal Resilience with Seasonal Wild Woman Project Circles

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Join us to discover your inner WILDness, or wholeness of being, through a gathering of women where the focus is on reconnecting to self, community, & nature so you feel more supported, authentic, rejuvenated, & resilient.

Your choice of seasonal wellness:
MUST REGISTER: https://classes.theresiliencyinstitute.net/collections?category=bundles

TUITION: LIVE, Virtual: $65/Season (3 months); $125/2 Seasons (6 months); $185/3 Seasons (9 months)
INDEPENDENT, ONLINE: $45/Season (3 months); $85/ 2 Seasons (6 ,pmths); $125/3 Seasons (9 months)

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The WILD Woman Project is a world-wide movement of “CIRCLES,” all gathering during the new moon. Each uniquely themed Circle is a time for meditation, intention setting, well-being, creativity, and connection. Additionally, The Resiliency Institute Circles incorporate a permaculture perspective by connecting permaculture ethics of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share, and the corresponding Wild Woman Project guiding principles of Respect for the Earth (wildness, turning to nature as a teacher and healer,) Sisterhood (empowering one another,) and Co-Creation (the understanding that we co-create our experience in circle, in our lives, and also co-create life on earth,) inspiring you to connect more deeply with yourself, nature and others, which is the foundation for building personal and community resilience.

The Experience
We will connect to embrace seasonality, practice nature connection, and explore nature and garden related topics, often including wild-crafting and elements of herbalism practice. All spiritual and cultural backgrounds are embraced, as our diversity is beautiful and allows a multifaceted way of viewing the world. Our diversity also creates capacity for compassion and empathy and lends us all strength and resilience.

Dates and Times
Sundays, 10:00am - 11:30am (CST): THREE monthly New Moon Circles, meeting live virtually on the following SPRING dates: *** April 18, 2021 *** May 16, 2021 *** June 13, 2021 *** This LIVE (virtual) series of Circles will meet “live” via Zoom, together on the same day and time, providing personal facilitation with your experienced guide, Allison, time for optional sharing, and community discussion and support.

Your choice of seasonal wellness:

TUITION: LIVE, Virtual: $65/Season; $125/@Seasons; $185/3 Seasons
INDEPENDENT, ONLINE: $45/Season; $85/@Seasons; $125/3 Seasons
REGISTER: https://classes.theresiliencyinstitute.net/collections?category=bundles

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