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Forest/Sound Bathing
More info + reserve your spot here: NEXT LEVEL MULTI-SENSORIAL IMMERSIVE SELF-CARE ALLOW THE CACAO TO OPEN YOUR HEART, THE FOREST TO GIVE YOU A CELLULAR UPGRADE, THE SOUNDS TO CALM AND BALANCE YOUR WHOLE SYSTEM, AND THE COMPANY TO REAFFIRM YOUR TRUST IN HUMANITY. Lucia and Julia want you to feel amazing!! So we are teaming up to offer our favorite healing practices during a potent time on this planet. Maybe you're feeling drained and disconnected and desiring a dose of magic. Let us serve you how we know best — by being your guides on a journey of nature connection and sacred music. We're gathering during the height of autumn to share insights about this time of year and how it reflects where we are on our individual and collective journey. Allow nature to be the mirror into your soul and the sound to wash over you during a journey that is guaranteed to be full of magic. Some benefits of forest bathing: Intentionally immersing in nature is proven to lower stress and cortisol levels, increase natural killer (NK) cell activity, increase creativity, sense of awe, and comfort within one's self and surroundings. Forest bathing boosts gratitude and provides heightened perspective. Some benefits of sound bathing: Sound waves can reduce anxiety and stress, lower blood pressure and depression, induce deep relaxation, increase creativity, and over-all well-being. Increases mental and emotional clarity, and promotes stillness and happiness. We've designed a flow for the afternoon and also left plenty of space for what wants to emerge. We will meet at a private home along the hills of Sausalito, less than 10 minutes and a world away from the hustle bustle of San Francisco to share intentions and cacao. We will then walk up to the forest and soak in breathtaking views as we share invitations that allow you to connect deeply – to yourself, others, and the world around you. We'll return for a sound bath and finish the evening with a healthy, high-vibe meal.

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Forest bathing comes from the Japanese term shinrin-yoku. It's all about reconnecting to nature in order to decrease stress. We gather together to disconnect from our screens, activate our senses, and reconnect to the universe. This high vibes club meets for outdoor yoga classes, hikes, and ocean dips. We always combine nature adventures with superfood snacks.

We were recently featured on CNN:

"I have the most exalted ideas regarding the future of California. I think we will grow in population, we will grow in commerce, we will grow in civilization and arts and sciences until we will rank first among our countries, and my reason for it is, that the invigorating climate of California is such, that under development, the human physique will grow and the mind will grow in the same proportion as the physique develops, and produce a magnificent man and woman of bright mind and liberal in their views and go-ahead spirit, who would foster and encourage the development of all the better traits of nature." — Adolph Sutro,

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