What we're about

Our group was founded to bring single people, over the age of 40, together in a relaxed social setting.

Some of our social events include dinners, dances, movies, day trips, potlucks, coffee get-togethers, festivals, sporting events, theatre, and concerts.

If you are interested in getting out, meeting new friends, and enjoying everything life has to offer, we're the group for you.

We look forward to meeting you.

**Please post a clear headshot of yourself on your profile**

** Membership dues are $10 a year, commensing March 1st.

** Dues are payable to an organizer within 2 weeks of joining.

Etransfer your $10 membership dues to smerrick_35@hotmail.com. No security questions or answers are needed. The funds will drop immediately into the FCSN’s bank account.

***Please ensure you have read and accept the Group Guidelines and Policies set out prior to signing up for the group. Your application for membership indicates that you agree to abide by these policies as a condition of your ongoing membership in the group.

Forest City Social Network
Group Guidelines & Policies

Please ensure that you read and agree to abide by the following group policies prior to joining the Forest City Social Network.

Non-compliance with these policies will result in loss of your access to this Meetup group. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact your Organizers to discuss. As noted in the policies below, we are trying to promote respect, common courtesy and consideration of others.

The rules are in place for the good of all members.

Who We Are and What We Are About

Our group and its policies are based on mutual respect, common courtesy and consideration of others. Application for membership is open to single (unmarried and/or not living with a spouse/common law partner) individuals over the age of 40 for the purpose of socializing, meeting new people and finding interesting things to see and do. For our Members, it is an opportunity for like-minded individuals who may never meet otherwise to form lasting friendships. Our Organizers and various Event Hosts arrange social, dining, entertainment, dancing and day trip activities, and post the events on our corresponding group on Meetup.com; our Members review the posted events and select the ones that appeal to them and that they are available to attend….easy!

The level of your participation is self-directed...that is, you choose your level of interaction within the group. We provide the social networking opportunities....the rest is up to you.

1. Conduct

Our principles of mutual respect, common courtesy and consideration of others ensure our enjoyment of the group and its functions, without fear of harassment, bullying, intimidation and malicious gossip. Engaging in these behaviours may result in revocation of membership with no opportunity to re-join. Any Member at the receiving end of undesirable behaviour should indicate to the source that they are offended (if comfortable doing so), or request intervention from the Organizers. Vexatious or frivolous complaints regarding Members are also not taken lightly, and may result in denied access to the group as well.

2. Own Risk

Members are responsible for their own safety and participate in all of our activities at their own risk.

3. Privacy

We do not share your information with anyone. Should you become aware that someone has breached your privacy and believe the source may be within Members of this group, please notify the Organizers immediately. This includes solicitation from companies, external sources, and even other social/meetup groups. Help us curtail this invasion of your privacy by reporting it right away.

Please use good judgement and caution when informing the community about extended absences from home, etc. Remember, you should not post these details on ANY Social Media website, including this one (also Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, etc.). We are password protected, but determined hackers can even tap into the Pentagon system on occasion....better to be safe than sorry!

4. Vetting of New Members

Each application for membership is vetted to ensure they meet the initial membership criteria (over 40, single) and are sincere in their desire to be part of a social group. Once approved, you maintain your membership unless the membership lapses or it is revoked for cause.

Members with 3 " no shows" will be removed from the group.

Applications that we suspect are not valid, have an ulterior motive (ie, to solicit products or services, etc.) don’t meet the criteria, or are suspicious in any way are rejected to protect our Members and the integrity of the group.

5. Profiles

Your real first name is required, and using your last initial is recommended. No nicknames or aliases please. You must also post a clear, recent photo of yourself (only you please) as a condition of membership. No cartoons, symbols, celebrity pics, etc. please….we need to recognize you at events, so your image must be clear and not obscured by clothing, other people, etc.

6. Dues

This group is not for profit and is organized by volunteers, and dues pay for the Meetup.com site fees. Dues can be paid via Pay Pal or to one of the Organizers. You will be notified in your welcome email of the dues payable, with payment due within two weeks of your acceptance into the group.

Membership is a flat rate of $10 per year. We start collecting this on March 1 each year.

7. RSVP Etiquette

When you RSVP to a posting, a space is reserved for you at that venue or event. If you must change your RSVP, please ensure that you change your RSVP on the site from “Yes” to “No”. Please do not RSVP “No” to an event unless you are changing your mind about attending. This reduces the volume of emails that we get on a daily basis. Many events require reservations and/or accurate headcounts. It reflects badly on the group when Members fail to honour the reservation made on their behalf; it is also disrespectful to the Event Host. No-shows without a change in RSVP will be reviewed. Repeated no-shows, or no-shows for events with limited seating and/or a waiting list may result in loss of membership in the group.

8. Event Comments/Discussions

Please keep comments relevant to the individual event posting. The Organizers will remove comments or discussion postings, without notice, that are inappropriate, unrelated, defamatory in any way, or that violate our policies on solicitation (comments that are deemed to be for promotion of goods, services, projects, causes, issues, beliefs or politics).

We will also remove personal information regarding vacations and other things that generally should not be posted on any Social Media site...for our members' own protection! Please see the Privacy section for more information.

9. Guests

Generally guests who meet our membership criteria are welcome! Sometimes, guest participation can reduce our Members’ ability to participate in events when there are limited spots available. If participation is limited to members only, this will be stated in the posting (also you will not be able to add guests when RSVP-ing).

10. Non-Solicitation

The Forest City Social Network is just that – a social group. Solicitation and/or promotion of goods, services, projects, causes, issues, beliefs or politics will not be tolerated within our membership.


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