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Free Mindfulness Classes Newham East London
Welcome to Newham and East London's Free Mindfulness Meditation Meet Up Group where we practice and cultivate Compassionate Awareness, Insight and Wisdom through Mindfulness Training. Each drop in session offers the opportunity to deeply reflect and contemplate the values of Loving Kindness, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity in a way that calms the mind and body, and enable us to listen deeply so we can respond rather than react to life's challenges within the Urban Environment. Ultimately, each session aims to be a resource for each of us to stay focused and connected to our hearts deepest wishes and access the energy needed to reach our full potential. Whilst sustained Mindfulness training often results in reduced stress and anxiety, and an increase in the ability to relax and be more centred and grounded. It also offers the opportunity to connect with ourselves and others more fully so we can gain clarity about what really matters in our lives and then build new responses to the challenges and blocks that we face in bringing what matters to fruition for our own well being, and the well being of others. A key focus of this group will also be to cultivate the awareness of our interconnection that serves as a resource for compassionate action and wise discernment that propels us to make the changes we need or want to see in the world. Each session will start with a welcome sit, mindful movement exercises including Mindful Walking, Mindful Yoga or Qigong. We will then do a guided sitting practice, followed by open enquiry, teachings and or sharing to facilitate development, learning and understanding of what it is to be human in a Urban Landscape. At the end of each session, there will be a dedication and an opportunity to catch up over a cup of tea and maybe some biscuits. Drop in sessions are offered on alternating Saturdays or a Monday and Friday Evenings when announced. *Please ensure you check the calendar for specific session dates. Start times: Saturdays - 10.30am to 12.30 noon. Weekday sessions 7pm -8.30pm. Sessions are held at The Red House Club, 13 Upton Avenue, Forest Gate, Newham, London E7 9PN. Please check the calendar for specific dates. The sessions are suitable for both experienced practitioners and beginners. You are welcome to sit either on the floor or in a chair so feel free to come as you are. However, you can bring a blanket, meditation cushion or yoga mat etc if you wish. Although mats, cushions and chairs will be provided. Please visit for further information on other retreat days, courses and events. Finally, whilst the drop in sessions are offered Free of charge, we welcome any donations to help support the continuation of this wonderful and growing community. The suggested donation is £3 per session for members of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation and £5 per session for non members. Thank you for reading about this wonderful group of mindful practitioners and we look forward to practising with you soon. Much loving kindness Dean, Aesha, Mauricio and Barbara The Urban Mindfulness Foundation

The Red House

13 Upton Avenue, Forest Gate, Newham, London, E7 9PN. · London

What we're about

Welcome to Newham's Mindfulness Meditation Meetup Group where we will practice secular mindfulness meditation with the intention and motivations around improving the health and wellbeing of ourselves and others.

A key focus of this group will be the cultivation of mindfulness and compassion for the benefit of ourselves and others we connect with. The group will provide the opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness in a safe environment.

We will run drop in sessions on a Saturday morning 10.30am -12.30.

Each drop in session will start with a welcome and mindful movement exercise. We will then do a guided sitting practice. This will be followed by open enquiry and sharing to facilitate development, learning and understanding. At the end of the session, there is a short dedication.

Venue: The Red House, 13 Upton Avenue, Forest Gate, Newham, London E7 9PN.

The sessions are suitable for complete beginners and the experienced. Some cushions, mats and blankets will be provided. However, please feel free to bring your own meditation comforts if you have an established practice.

To keep this group going there is a suggested minimum donation of £3 per session for members of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation or £5 for non members.

From time to time we will run the 8 week mindfulness based living course. Please note that during the courses no drop in sessions will be available.

The sessions are run by authentic practitioners who have been committed to their own mindfulness practice for at least 5 years or more, as well as teaching mindfulness to the wider community. Each of the leading facilitators are in year three of the Masters Degree in Mindfulness Studies offered by the University of Aberdeen and the Mindfulness Association. We also follow the UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers Guidelines and continue a detailed CPD programme that includes gaining cherished teachings from the Authentic Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu Lineage and Samye Ling and Samye Dzong Monastery's, The Mindfulness Association and Oxford Mindfulness Centre. If you are looking for a place to deepen your practice and understanding of mindfulness you have come to the right place.

We look forward to practising with you.

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