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Forex Business (Asia) Club welcomes all traders; regardless of experiences, aptitude, profile, proficiency, robustness of trading strategies, profitability, win rate, manual/auto approaches, educators, EA seller, stocks and shares traders, value investors, property investors, online/social media marketers. aspiring freedom seekers from rat race or to find means to bridge financial goal.

We bring you access to leverage on and socialise with elite performing global traders and gurus, trading leaders, automators. For opportunities of trading exchanges, insights, outlook, mutual learning, education among our club members and partners. We love you to piggyback to win the market's money; and to build a business in forex market. Join us and have a share on the uber of trading and ride on the phenomenon trend of disruptive technology in the forex market; for a quantum leap in your journey to freedom. Make a break through as you Progress to Build a Sustainable Business from daily usd5trillion global foreign exchange market; for consistent monetisation of the market. Leverage on multiple solutions from a group of like minded selfless and successful FX Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Star Traders.

This club is for you, it is more than trading. It is your Forex Business Disruptors Club in Asia. Connect. Be Free. Start Living.

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Truth is, charting the direction of any currency doesn’t work when fundamentals take precedence. To be ahead of trends, be aware of how economics impact the market. Not by simply reading tons of news that are meant to influence you negatively but decipher the economic data. Heads and Shoulders can only give you indications of chart movement but not profiting indications. How do you analyse the future of commodities to leverage on the short to mid-term movement? Are gold and silver a market confidence indicator? How will the demand and supply affect the price movements and enable you to place a TL / SL position with higher precision from charts? Join us to expound on these crucial market analysis before you decide on your next position again. Clear your doubts and sentiments with a Eureka moment with our Chief Market Analyst, Mr Alan Tan. As he provides insights to leveraging on the trading economics as the cornerstone to any technical strategies towards a profitable 2019. There could be a give away tips on market outlook for specific pair to kick-start your blessings in year of golden boar. Ask Alan. Profile of Mr Alan Tan Alan’s first stint with investing was when he was 17 years old. He traded in coffee without understanding the fundamentals associated with the price movements and emptied his account within a few months. However, this failure only made him more curious in the price movement of financial instruments and more determined to succeed as a trader. He began to pay more attention to financial news and realized the importance of incorporating fundamentals in his trading endeavor. Then came the 1998 Asian financial crisis. The plunged in the value of Thai Baht and Rupiah made him more determined to have a comprehensive knowledge to achieve financial independence. He attained a bachelor’s degree with distinction awarded by RMIT in business, major in Economics and Finance. Since graduation, He has been trading regularly in the Forex, Bonds and Commodities markets for more than 20 years. Other than relying on fundamentals to increase his chance of profiting from the market, he developed strategies to minimize risk. Hence, it has been a profitable journey from the Forex market even when the direction goes against his position initially. He strongly believes that every aspiring and existing trader should equip themselves with the relevant economics of trading before trading in the Forex market. He has the vision to coach and identify potential traders in trading together to achieve greater heights! “Real Knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance” (Confucius) Testimonies of Inner-circle “I learnt to appreciate and apply the underlying economics of currencies to trading and found sustainability of my target. Thank you Alan. He's a rare mentor to be ahead of market trends!” Mr Ivan Ng, Trader “Improved my positions and risk management with Alan’s guidance. News is not to be read and swayed by, but the basis of fundamentals on these news are insights not to be neglected.” Mr Alam Smith, Trading Business “Hear from the horse’s mouth and be in awe!” Ms Cindy Chua, Accountant “Really horn my capacity to relate the economics to putting my TP/SL pretty successfully. Cool!” Mr Peter Tan, Manager Who is suitable to attend? Aspiring traders who want to maximise earning Bank officers Folks contributing to the economy by spending Fund managers Import and Export Business owners Ladies considering forex trading as risk Retail traders aspiring to be Professional Traders Risk adversed investors and traders Technical traders looking to sustain their profitability Traders finding ways to minimise losses but failed $2 entrance fee applies. To SAVH. #EconomicsOfTrading #FundamentalsToTrading #TradingNews #MarketSentiment #DirectionOfGBP It's not complicated to profit in 2019. The more volatility, greater profits professional traders love!

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