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Being and living your healthiest self does not start or end with a "diet" - it involves a journey of making lifestyle choices. Perhaps you are wanting to add more plants to your plant - are "plant curious" or even "plant committed"?

Either way, you are welcome to join us in enjoying a healthier, happier lifestyle. We will post events - dining out evenings*, movie screenings, gatherings and even educational events.that will inspire and energize you - all while enjoying the company of others who share your desire to be the healthiest they can be. (And what is so great the planet and our animals are better for it too!)

Sustainability starts with you and your health and the benefits are endless - including collecting new friendships and special memories.

This is facilitated by Fork Smart* - kate@forksmart.org

* Dining out evenings involve approaching restaurant owners and managers to help make them aware and advocate for the need for oil-free whole plant-based menu items. The co-operating restaurant is then recognized through a submission process for the Plant Pure Communities Restaurant Campaign and if accepted is issued via e-mail a Certificate of Participation. You are welcome to submit a restaurant that meets the criteria: https://plantpurecommunities.org/restaurant-campaign/

Want to find a restaurant with a certificate? https://plantpurecommunities.org/restaurant-certificate-map/

**Cost recovery community events - powered by our passion and rooted in our gratitude for the health benefits of a whole plant based lifestyle (Eating Whole + Moving Often + Creating Calm + Cultivating Compassion)

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