Just a fun question for all joining, to get things started: Why do you like writing? And what do you want to get out of your work and the group?

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    • A video game inspired me to start writing in 2015. Ever since then I can't seem to stop. The story ideas keep flowing and I get an endorphin rush whenever I write/edit. It's like an addiction. I'm not sure what I really want to get out of my work, other than continue to write and publish.

      I wouldn't mind making a livable income from my writing eventually, but with all the fan fiction I write in addition to my original pieces, that's not my top priority. As for the group? I'm not sure yet. I interact with a lot of writers' groups online, but I haven't done anything face-to-face before. I'm an introvert and doing this is stepping outside of my comfort zone.

      3 months ago