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We are neighbors, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good. With you, we can accomplish even more.

Please feel free to join us for any of our meetings, and find out what a lively and valuable group this is! We typically have 60-70 people at our noon meetings. These are great leaders in our community.

Our evening meetings are currently 5-15 people, and don't include a meal.

Learn all about us at http://www.fcfoothillsrotary.com

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Jeni Arndt: Popular Vote

Fort Collins Marriott

State Representative, House District 53

Fort Collins Foothills EVENING Meeting

The Hop Grenade

This is a wonderful opportunity to join Rotary in changing the world and benefiting our community!

Randal O'Toole: Romance of the Rails: The Trains We Love Are Not what We Need

Americans love streetcars and passenger trains. But these modes of transportation were rendered obsolete more than 90 years ago, so they only operate today with gigantic subsidies. Randal O’Toole probably loves trains more than most, having helped restore a steam locomotive and even been an owner of railroad cars. But his review of history shows that they should be in museums and tourist lines, and will never make a satisfactory replacement for autos and airplanes.

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