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This is a group for those who want to eat like the hunter-gatherers did, the "Paleo way". Do you eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit? Do you want to avoid gluten, grains, legumes, dairy, sugar, artificial food coloring and other processed pseudo-food? Are you often looked at like you are crazy when you talk about eating "Paleo food"? Or that you want "grass fed beef" or "wild caught salmon"? "Free range, high omega-3-fatty acid eggs"? "Do you serve those?" The Paleo Diet is about eating wholesome, nutrient dense food. For me, I hope it helps me avoid inflammation and associated auto-immune diseases and cancers. Not everyone has the same beliefs about this. Come join us so we can socialize with like-minded people who won't question why you say "no thanks" to a cheese pizza.... and rejoice when you are brought a plate with a grass-fed burger on a lettuce leaf with a big tossed salad instead of fries!!!

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