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I started this group to foster a community of people interested in oldtime music in the Fort Collins area. We will be scheduling monthly group fiddling, harp, and flute workshops, and may also schedule periodic jam sessions. If you are a traditional musician, or are interested in learning to play, we would love to have you join this meetup group.

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Bluegrass jam for beginners and intermediates

Everyday Joe's Coffee House

Every Tuesday night at 6:30pm, at Everyday Joe's. Based on Pete Wernick's methods, we use lead sheets for lyrics and chords, and don't expect anybody to be masters of their instruments. If you can take a lead or sing harmony, that's great, but if you can reliably get between four chords in time to the music, that's great too! From 6:30 to 7:30, we usually play standard tunes from a repertoire list that everybody should learn. After that, we play tunes that participants bring in or happen to know. Never mind how many folks Meetup says are coming, because we're always there!

Oldtime Jam at The Tap and Handle - Weekly

Tap and Handle

Old-Time music on any instrument every week. Starting at 7:30 and continuing until people start giving out. We are back at The Tap and Handle! Come on back to the back room and jam out some serious fiddle tunes. All instruments are welcome, but being as how it's Old-Time Music, be prepared to stay in one key for a while to accommodate the banjos and fiddles, that frequently retune to play in different keys. Who knows, if we get enough folks hanging out listening, we might just get up and call a square dance... See you there!

Traditional Irish Session at Lucky Joe's!

Lucky Joe's Sidewalk Saloon

What: Irish Session at Lucky Joe's in Old Town Fort Collins When: Starts at 7:00PM every Wednesday, and usually lasts until around 10:00PM. This is a great opportunity for beginners and experienced players alike. The venue really makes the musicians feel appreciated, and it's a good relaxed time.

Bluegrass Jam at Avagadro's Number

Avogadro's Number

Details: This is a fun jam for players of all levels. There is a bluegrass circle jam in the main room, and very often there is a small group of players who jam on old-time music in the back. Dates: This jam happens every Wednesday Night, rain, snow, or shine. Time: The event starts officially at 8:30, but usually doesn't get rocking until 9:00. People stick around and play until they can't play any more. (Usually midnight or later)

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Bluegrass Jam at Avagadro's Number

Avogadro's Number

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