What we're about

The goal of this Meetup Group is to educate people about Senator Bernie Sanders, his background, what his political platform is and what Democratic Socialism is. To bring people together that are like minded people that want to be a part of taking back our democracy, care about the environment and the future for our children and the creatures wee share this world with.

Senator Bernie Sanders has been fighting for the people and maintained and striven for his beliefs for over forty years. He is true to his word and has proven it for all of those years represented by his voting record, and most importantly to me, has never been bought out or been corrupted by those that think they own this country and are free to do what they want, buy politicians, undermine our democracy, believe they are above the law, and exploit and entrap everyone in this country with low income and massive unavoidable debt. Bernie knows the truth, and has the guts to take on the big banks, big Pharma, Wall Street, and the industrial military complex. This is the only way we will be able to take our democracy and country back with someone who has the experience and conviction to represent the people instead of the 1% that are strip mining this country, it's people and the environment for profit no matter of the consequences and harm it does to our fellow man and the world.

Democratic Socialism is what most of the European countries embrace. Why, because the taxes are used for the benefit of their people and the nation as a whole. That is why their standard of living is higher than it is here in the US. I know, I have lived in England and have been to France, Belgium, Holland,Germany and Switzerland and have seen it for myself. National Healthcare, Public Education including College, and a great, modern and beautiful Infrastructure is the norm. We have Democratic Socialism here in the US – roads, bridges, interstates, public schools, Medicare and other programs that benefit all of us. The Republicans and the powers that be have been busy brain washing us for decades, telling us that Socialism is evil and we will be like other socialist countries like Venezuela. Venezuela is a dictatorship – NOT a socialist country. The powers that be love to confuse and scare us with these tactics when the fact is almost all other civilized democratic countries have national healthcare, public grade school and college and are being paid a living wage. The corrupt powers that be are and have been stealing our taxes and democracy right from under our noses for decades driven by their greed, corrupt power over our government, both State and Federal and striving for absolute control over our income and debt to enslave us all economically while 70% of all profit and wealth goes to them.

The funny thing is that these same people love socialism for themselves. Remember the bail out for the auto manufacturers here in the US that went bankrupt because the miss-management and the production of crappy cars, or the bail out of the banks after they were deregulated and caused the national collapse of our economy in 2008. Remember that not only did they get bailed out with billions of dollars, but the vary executives that were directly involved in the collapse of the economy got bonuses for actually bankrupting our country in that amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars. While millions of people were loosing their homes, their retirement, savings and everything they worked for al of their lives, these people were rewarded for their corrupt and criminal actions with our tax money. Does this bother you, or is it just me? We have seen the wealthy and the billionaires literally get away with murder, human trafficking, fraud, corruption, embezzlement, racketeering, and even treason, but, it seems none of them are brought to justice, that they are above the law, that they can do whatever they want while you and I would surely be sent sent to prison.

Ask yourself what we pay taxes for. If it is spent on the people and the society as it is supposed to be, by providing state of the art infrastructure, healthcare for all and advanced education we would have a prosperous, healthy, educated, united, compassionate and happy society. This would bring down crime, drug use, poverty and make people proud to be an American again.

If you believe as I do, and want to really make a difference to take this country back, save our democracy and improve the lives of all the citizens of this once great country, please join me and let us make it happen.

Capt. Mark Hamilton, RCP

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