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What we're about

This is an offering from my heart to help humanity connect to their inner source of power, love, light, and to awaken your channeling abilities. For more about my training and experience please visit my

website : facebook:

No money is necessary, however, you can donate what you feel called to contribute to pay for the Meetup . If you would like to contribute space (or know of a space) to meet in please contact me.

For now only Meetups will be video conferencing


Please download both FREE programs to your computer.

Send me your information (email, name) so we can connect.

Multi Purpose to connect:
1. Higher Self
2. The Divine within
3. The Felt sense of the body- Via focusing
4. For self healing & the healing of humanity
5. To spread love and healing to humanity in precarious time
6. To balance and charge your Aura
7. To help you connect to your own empowerment and inner source
8. Awaken the healer and channel inside of you
9. For community gathering: Great power in numbers
10. Create sacred space inside and listen deeply
11. Setting intentions/prayers in a group setting

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