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Combat Rules of Engagement and Meetup policies

Field Combat Rules and Fort Lewis-McChord Airsoft Group Meetup policies

The following rules are use in Flashpoint-Roy outdoor Area of Operation and are to be use as guidelines for all outdoor field operation sponsored by Fort Lewis-McChord Airsoft Group or Praetorian Guard Airsoft Group only.

General Rules and Policies

1.1 Airsoft is a game of HONOR. Please call YOUR OWN hits!
1.2 Do NOT call opposing team players out. Calling opposing players out is poor sportsmanship and your side will be penalized if a game staff member witnesses the event. (One Exception: 3.10.3)
1.3 Minimum engagement distance using Regular AEG and Pistol is 20 feet.
.....Sniper Class AEG/Bolt action is 100 feet.

1.3A Minimum Age Limit for Operators allowed in the field is 13 years old. Minors that are 13 to 15 years of age need full guardian supervision while playing. Waivers and pictured ID card are required during registration. NO EXCEPTION!!
1.4 Players caught attempting to cheat will incur penalty points for their side, and may be ejected from the game without refund and barred from future Fort Lewis-McChord Airsoft Group sponsored events.
1.5 Players who attempt to steal, cause bodily harm, or otherwise break the law will be referred to local law enforcement officers and barred from future Fort Lewis- McChord Airsoft Group sponsored events.
1.6 Subordinate players should observe and respect ranks, CADRES, and the event Chain of Command (Non-Commissioned Officers and Officers).
1.7 Ranking players should recognize that Fort Lewis-McChord Airsoft Group sponsored events are GAMES. CADRES and Ranks are tools used to provide structure for an enjoyable game. Have fun, and remember you have a responsibility to help your subordinates to have fun as well.
1.8 Eye protection (5.4) must be worn at all times while in a playing area.
1.9 If a player loses his eye protection or has a medical emergency, he/she should immediately call "Cease Fire." Game supervisors will immediately signal a pause in the game until the affected player pronounces "All Clear", at which point supervisors will signal the game to continue. In the absence of game supervisors, nearby players should wave their red rags in the air to indicate a Cease Fire call. Once the affected player pronounces "All Clear", players should return their red rags to their pockets and yell "All Clear."
1.10 NO blind firing. You must be able to see with your own eyes where your gun is pointed (no using mirrors or devices to shoot around obstacles).
1.11 Pyrotechnics such as smoke, flash bangs, aerial flares, fireworks are to be used by CADRE ONLY or under the supervision of the same.
1.12 NO SHOWS will be noted by administration. Please have the courtesy to UN-RSVP yourself in a timely manner so other operators may take your position on the roster. NO SHOWS will be penalized during future event registration.


2.1 If a player is hit ANYWHERE: you’re HIT . Gun and gear hits count.
2.2 When wounded by pellet/rocket/grenade/mine, or otherwise wounded/removed from combat, players should immediately do the following:

a. When Hit, yell “HIT”, raise your weapon above your head and place a RED rag on top of your head, report to the designated CADRE or designated medic player and he will tie a blue rag around your left arm. Return your red rag to your pocket/pouch once your blue rag is tied to your arm, then continue with your mission. Expect to be hit multiple times while doing so - in the chaos of combat fellow players rarely have split-second trigger control.
b. During Scenario base games, you may be required to return to your designated regeneration point.
c. Return your red rag to your pocket/pouch once your regeneration time is up. (Scenario base)
d. It is acceptable to call "hit" or "dead man" during this process, but please keep in mind most players cannot hear you. Your red rag is the first and most important sign of being hit.
e. The red rag rule is intentionally "inconvenient" so players will not forget. If it helps, add a patch of velcro to your red rag.

2.3 PARLAY and SURRENDERING (Used in hazardous situation ONLY)
2.3.1 If two players encounter each other at 15 feet or less in the forward arc, one should call "PARLAY" and back off 15 paces. This is a safety call to avoid point blank exchanges.
2.3.2 Calling "PARLAY" means you have surprised an opposing player in a dangerous situation and should immediately back off.
2.3.3 DO NOT place yourself in a position where an opposed player's only choice is to accidentally stumble into you and force a parlay call.
2.3.4 Bang Bang rules used in other events is NOT RECOGNIZE in Fort Lewis-McChord Airsoft Group events. This cause a confusing, unrealistic situation in which, in most cases, used as tactical advantage. However, operators can be given a chance to yield or surrender. Surrendering gives the captors points for their team. Captured operators are required to give their number token to their captors before they can return to the game.

2.4 REGENERATION (also known as re-spawn)
2.4.1 After being hit, all players should immediately return to a safe zone or their designated regeneration area. Do not wait unless you have an emergency which prevents you from moving.

2.5 BRANCH OF SERVICE (Team designation Blue or Red)
2.5.1 Every player will be assigned to a Branch of Service or Blue or Red Team before the game. Each operator will be tagged with colored tape and number. We profile each operators on the field and hold them accountable for their actions.
2.5.2 For some Fort Lewis-McChord Airsoft Group sponsored events there are more than one Branch of Service. For other events there may be only one. These Branches of Service will be designated in the rule set for that particular event.
2.5.3 A player's branch may determine what area said player fights in and what missions he/she undertakes.

3.1.1 Velocity reducers are NOT allowed.
3.1.2 Players should report to the chrono station with an empty mag for each weapon. The Chrono staff member will insert the testing BBs in the empty mag.

3.1.3 All non-sniper weapons will be chronographed using EXCEL .20 gram NON-BIO BBs.
OK < 390 fps
Caution 400- 410 fps
NO GO > 410 fps

SNIPER CHRONO All sniper weapons will be chronographed using .2 gram BBs
Using .2 BBs:
OK < 450 fps
Caution 450 - 490 fps
NO GO > 500 fps

3.1.4 If a gun fires in the NO GO range, the Chrono Marshall will immediately check the weapon. If he duplicates the NO GO FPS, the Airsoft weapon will immediately be red tagged.
3.1.5 A red-tagged gun has three options:
a. The player leaves the AO with the Airsoft weapon.
b. The player tunes the weapon to below Caution spec and re-chronos the gun.
c. The Airsoft weapon is locked in the event secure storage and returned at the end of the event.
3.1.6 All Airsoft weapons are subject to staff spot checks throughout the event.
3.1.7 Any un-tagged guns found in the game are grounds for immediate disciplinary action. It is the player's responsibility to make sure his/her gun is properly inspected and tagged before the game.
3.1.8 All Airsoft weapons including non-blowback pistols and CO2 powered pistols, but excluding gas blowback pistols, must be chrono'ed

3.2 PLAYER CLASSES (Rifle/SAW/Heavy Weapons/Sniper/Medic)
3.2.1 Squads will be composed of rifleman, a SAW Gunner(s), and a Heavy Weapon specialist.
3.2.2 Your CLASS is pre-determined by your squad leader, who will report your role in advance to game staff. Contact your squad leader through the secure event forum to request a special class or for more information. In the absence of contact all players should assume they will play Rifle roles at Praetorian Guard Airsoft sponsored event.

3.3 RIFLE class
3.3.1 Riflemen are limited to commercially available non-winding magazines that only carry 200 BBs or less. Midcap, Standard and low-cap mags (e.g. STAR magazines) are welcome if they meet this criteria. High Cap are authorize during skirmish event but not during MILSIM.
3.3.2 Riflemen may carry as many legal magazines as they can fit on their person.
3.3.3 We request that all riflemen respect the land by using biodegradable BBs in their guns - this is optional, however, since some guns do not work with bio BBs.

3.4 SAW class
3.4.1 Each squad will have a designated SAW (squad automatic weapon) gunner(s). A SAW gunner may use electric or manual winding magazines (box, c-mag, or other large volume bulky style . no conventional hi-caps) with his weapon, and has no restrictions on ammunition capacity. Only he/she is allowed to use such magazines, and such magazines can only be used with approved SAW weapons (defined below).
3.4.2 Guns that are faithful recreations of belt-fed firearms qualify as SAWs. This includes (but is not limited to) the M60, M249, MG42, RPD, Shrike, and similar models. NO MP5's, M-16s, or non SAW weapons.
3.4.3 The approved non-belt-fed SAW list is as follows: RPK, MG36, L86A2. Again, these guns must be faithful recreations of actual guns.
3.4.4 To be a faithful recreation a SAW must be as cosmetically similar as possible to the original gun. Game staff reserve the right to determine what is cosmetically similar. Players with custom guns should direct their questions to the events public forum and must receive approval from Game staff two weeks prior to the event.
3.4.5 SAWs MUST use biodegradable BBs.
3.4.6 It is ok for a SAW gunner to use non-winding rifleman magazines in his/her SAW.
3.4.7 Squads may replace their SAW gunner position with a Rifleman (the SAW slot is optional).
3.4.8 Officers, Recon/Sniper members, and Platoon leadership (LT/Plt Sgt) are not eligible to be SAW gunners.

3.5.1 Each squad will have a heavy weapons specialist. He is the only team member that may carry/use M203s, AT launchers, or other special launching weapons.
3.5.2 He/She is also the only player who may fire rocket rounds. Acceptable rocket rounds are: Nerf Pocket Howler, Nerf Pocket Vortex, or Zocker Darts.
3.5.3 Specialists may carry up to 4 rocket rounds on their person at any one time (you may store more back at base). Only Heavy Weapons class players may transport rocket rounds. Specialists may carry an unlimited number of propellant/beehive grenades.
3.5.4 Specialists are cleared to use beehive/BB rounds in their launchers.
3.5.5 The list of approved commercial launchers is the following:
a. Any M203 Variant (Sun Project, G&P, CAW, Star(AG).)
b. CAW M79
c. Smokey's RPG
3.5.5 Custom built player launchers will needs to be cleared by game staff prior to being used in the event.
3.5.9 Other than their heavy weapon, these specialists are governed by all the same rules as riflemen.
3.5.10 Squads may replace their Heavy Weapon Specialist with a Rifleman (the slot is optional).
3.5.11 Nerf rounds have a minimum engagement distance of 30 feet.
3.5.12 Officers, Recon/Sniper members, and Platoon leadership (LT/Plt Sgt) are not eligible to be HWS class.

3.6 Sniper and Assist Class
3.6.1 Each Branch will have one assigned recon/sniper team as determined by the Force Captain.
3.6.2 Each team consists of two individuals, a SNIPER and an ASSIST.
3.6.3 The SNIPER from each team, has to be sniper qualified and may use sniper FPS qualified weapons. Sniper FPS weapons must either be bolt action or permanently fixed semi-automatic guns (unable to fire automatic without complete dis-assembly).
3.6.4 The ASSIST follows all riflemen rules for his/her weaponry.
3.6.5 SNIPER and ASSIST players may wear ghillie suits (4.6).
3.6.6 Sniper FPS class weapons have a minimum engagement distance of 100 feet.
3.6.7 ABSOLUTELY NO magazine-sized high-cap magazines requiring manual winding are allowed!

3.7 Medic Class

Medic class function as a rifleman with additional duty of administering first aid to a fallen comrade (EX: Pulling player out of line of fire and tying Blue rag to players)It is highly encourage to have medic carry a back-pack with the following items inside:
a) First Aid kit
b) Extra canteen of water
c) poncho liner (can be use to evacuate injured players or provide comfort measures)

3.8.1 Escort hand grenades are approved for Fort Lewis-McChord Airsoft Group/Praetorian Guard Airsoft sponsored event.
3.8.2 Each player is allowed to carry up to 2 grenades on their person at any one time (extra may be left at a base). Any class of player may use/carry grenades. 3.8.3 Hand grenades must be tossed UNDERHAND, and should not be thrown more than head high (six feet) off the ground.

3.9.1 Special booby traps will be provided by staff to selected branches/units for game play.
3.9.2 Players may bring and use claymore mines under the following conditions: a. They are spring/electric/mechanically powered (no CO2). b. Use remote detonators - no tripwires (note: staff laid traps may use wires). c. Use is governed by the same safety rules as AEGs. No use on targets closer than 20 feet i.e. NO POINT BLANK BOOMS!
3.9.3 Certain areas of the Area of Operation are off limits to excavation, so player-purchased below-ground mines will not be allowed at this game.
3.9.4 Any other kind of booby trap MUST be approved by staff prior to Fort Lewis- McChord Airsoft sponsored event they wish to be utilized at. If you bring it to the game and ask us there, you will be rejected. Contact staff for approval on the public forum for the event.

3.10.1 Hand Grenades, rockets, booby traps, and mines (except claymore mines, see 3.10.7) are defined as area effect weapons.
3.10.2 Area Effect Weapons kill all players within a 10 foot radius of their triggering, regardless which side activated them.
3.10.3 The player at the center of the blast radius calls out all other players, regardless their side. This is the ONE exception to Rule 1.2.
3.10.4 Only hard cover protects you from an area effect weapon. Hard cover includes a stonewall, a bunker, a building wall or similarly completely obscuring terrain. Trees, bushes, shallow ditches, and other players are NOT hard cover.
3.10.4 Hand Grenades blast radius is determined from the point of landing. Hand Grenade BBs DO NOT have to strike a player to count as a kill.
3.10.5 Rocket blast radius is determined from the point at which it rests, unless it strikes a vehicle.
3.10.6 If a rocket destroys a vehicle, the vehicle is considered the blast radius center.
3.10.7 Airsoft Claymore Mines are classified directional weapons (NOT area effect), and their BBs must strike the target to count.

3.11.1 Autoloaders (electrically powered magazine BB refillers) are restricted to use while a player is in regenerate (i.e. dead) or in the campground (out of the game). They may NOT be used at any other time.
3.11.2 Manual loaders (pistol loaders, tubes, etc.) are unrestricted and may be used anywhere.

4.1.A Each Operators on the field will have either RED or BLUE with number designation taped on their left arm to be allowed to play. This allow us to recognize each operators that are playing on the field.
4.1 During game time players must at all times conform to the Uniform Code of the event/team you are participating with. Your uniform is a means of identification and an important part of game play. Failure to adhere to uniform code is considered a rules violation (1.4).
4.2 Players are not required to be in full uniform when the game is inactive. However, we request you remain in uniform as much as possible during 'down time' to help with troop ID and maintain the spirit of the event. Completely civilian attire should be avoided unless you are preparing to immediately depart the event.

Branch uniform patterns are to be detailed in the rule set for each particular Fort Lewis-McChord Airsoft Group/Praetorian Guard Airsoft sponsored event.
See those rules for branch uniform patterns allowed during the event.
4.3.1 At no time are any substitutions allowed for Branch Uniform patterns.

4.4.1 Your official Uniform includes all of the following: a. Branch-specific BDU top. Event patch should be sewn or Velcro'd on the left shoulder (if you have a team patch, below that). Rank insignia should be sewn or Velcro'd onto the appropriate location. b. Branch-specific BDU bottom c. Head Cover consisting of branch-specific boonie, cap, helmet, or wrap. d. Ankle high (or higher) boots
4.4.2 Players may substitute the appropriate generic color for their head cover if branch specific head cover is unavailable. Tan/Brown is OK for desert, OD/Green is OK for woodland. At no time is any other color acceptable for head cover (ESPECIALLY not any hint of red).
4.4.3 No red shemaghs or other unique unit identifiers which could be confused with game play mechanics are allowed on the field.
4.4.4 It is perfectly acceptable while waiting in regenerate to temporarily remove parts of your uniform to adjust your gear or cool off. You must return to full uniform before you re-enter the game.
4.4.5 Otherwise removing any part of your uniform while on the field, including head cover, is an indication of a medical problem and will be dealt with accordingly by game staff. If you are overheating and must remove uniform/gear to stay healthy you should immediately signal a game staff member or your chain of command so you can be removed from the game. If you have a pre-existing medical condition that prevents you from playing while wearing the above uniform, we do not recommend you attend Praetorian Guard Airsoft sponsored event.
4.4.6 Ghillie Suits may only be worn by Recon Team members (designated SNIPER and ASSIST class players).

5 - GEAR
5.1 Gear is defined as anything players wear that is not part of the Uniform Code or a weapon. This includes but is not limited to: load bearing vests, harnesses, pouches, eye protection, gloves, pads, and water carrying devices.
5.2 We encourage players to match their gear color to their uniform patter, but gear color is not restricted.
5.3 Face Protection is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. There is often a lot of close contact and there is a high probability you will suffer close range face hits through no fault of your own or other players. Players who do not wear face protection play at their own risk.

5.4.1 Eye protection must have a rubber/foam/soft material seal that closely conforms to your facial features.
5.4.2 Eye protection must be secured against the head via tight elastic or adjustable strap that pulls flush against the head.
5.4.3 Eye protection should be ANZI Z87.1 compliant or better. This standard is usually posted either on the packaging or on the manufacturer's website.
5.4.4 Wire mesh goggles should be made from stamped steel and not deform from repeated close range hits. We recommend players test their mesh goggles in a careful controlled environment before attending an event with this type of goggles/face protection.
5.4.5 Eye protection will be checked as part of morning inspection before the game.
5.5 A portable water storage device such as a camelback or canteen is mandatory gear for Praetorian Guard Airsoft sponsored event participants. Players are responsible for their own hydration!

6.1 To ensure orderly communication traffic at Praetorian Guard Airsoft sponsored events, radio bands/channels are pre-designated. Radio frequencies will be provided via secure forum at a later date, and all radios must be sub-channel capable.
6.2 Channels outside your designated range are NOT permitted for use except by explicit permission from Game Staff. This includes VHF frequencies. Using undesignated channels is considered electronic warfare (see 6.3).
6.3 At NO time during any event is electronic warfare permitted. Electronic warfare is defined as (but not limited to) listening in or using alternate frequencies (channel surfing), interfering with transmissions intentionally or unintentionally through mechanical or electronic means (overpowering or VOX-ing the channel), or otherwise impeding player or staff communications.
6.4 Players should secure FCC license for operating high wattage transmitters (> 1/2 Watt) in the AO. Transmission distances will be in hundreds of yards, so high wattage will NOT be necessary. 1/2 watt radios have been tested extensively on the Area of Operation and should function normally in almost all situations.

7- Hand to Hand Combat Weapons
7.1 Plastic Knives, Nerf swords, Nerf battleaxe, Nerf mace and Plastic tomahawks are authorized for use during skirmishes inside the 20 feet radius.
7.2 Only the flat side (not point) of the weapon (knife or sword) can make contact with your intended target.
7.3 Authorize anatomical target area are below the neck, above the waist, arms and torso only.
7.4 Plastic Knives and Plastic Tomahawks CANNOT be thrown at any time.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!

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