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Do you like the expression of dance.First meeting will be at Epicentre Charlotte
Currently, this is only an idea, but this is how I imagine it operating: This event can be done anywhere since the music is transmitted to each “Silent Freestyle Dancer’s (SFD)” headphones. There is never any ambient noise. Remove your headphones anytime you want to have a normal conversation with anyone that is near you. 😊 “Silent Freestyle Dancing” is for you, if YOU: • enjoy being mentally and physically creative OR • just enjoy dancing for it makes your spirit rise with jubilee OR • want to sweat and stay in shape OR • want to showcase your home practiced routine on one of three platforms. YEAAA! • like to socialize by dancing with as many SFDs as you want This party is for beginners all the way to stardom dancers. We can use this as an excellent method for improving one’s health. Express yourself by moving your soul and body without the rigidity of it been too organized and calculated. Freestyle dancing does not require a dance partner nor footsteps to memorize, so, all can collectively enjoy the experience of being able to dance with other SFDs. Some of the proposed logistics: • SFDs that want to show off their skills (or even lack thereof) can perform on approx. 8’x 8’ (could be smaller) stages that will be setup 2-3 feet higher than the dance floor. Each “performer” has 15-30 minutes to showcase their moves to songs they have selected and brought with them. • We will just continue to rotate SFDs until we’re all exhausted or thoroughly satisfied with ourselves 😊 • Each stage could be dedicated to different music categories. To view a “performer’s” routine, you’d select the color displayed on the “performer’s” headphones. 1) Rock then select button Color Blue 2) Hip Hop select button Color Green 3) Country select button Color Yellow, etc. This may be a challenge to some and familiar to others, but the GOAL is to have FUN! No judging! Who knows maybe this group can grow to one day have 5…10…platforms, attracting many and having many styles of music in one night. When you want a different style of music, you don’t exit the place, you just exit the channel on your headphones! Hopefully, I explained the vision well. Please respond if you would like to attend a brainstorming session on Friday, November 2nd 8:00 pm at the Epicentre in Charlotte. Once finished, the wife and I will stick around at the Epicentre to shake our groove and hoping you will also.

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I'm a freestyle dancer and I am searching for similar personalities.... My wife has been pushing me to go through with this idea...... she tells me that I can find other freestyle dancers that are willing to dance....... Dancing has variable speeds so not looking for the back-to-the-wall dancers........ if you want to let loose and not worry if the person in which you are dancing with is too good OR rather staring at your moves...Please FREELY EXPRESS yourself through your dance moves? How about the feeling of people looking at you? Does it excite you and push you to dance even more......... How about doing that about 2-3 feet off the floor level on your personal stage.............. Three performers each will take their own stage...............You must express yourself for 30minutes straight with good intensity.... and then step down and allow for another person to express their moves/routine, until you decide to go again......Instant recognition.......I personally love an empty dance floor cause I can bounce and not have someone spill their drink on me........I love the rush of dancing cause it gets my heartbeat up, quenches my shirt with sweat.........Great workout........... Is this for you?????????? How about picking your own 30 to 50 dance songs..........Each song can be 4 minutes so stamina will be part of this new style of expression............. There will be three live DJ's each playing different categories of songs to dance; 1) Rock 2) Hip-Hop 3) To be selected.
The concept is that all three categories can play simultaneously because it through Silent Dancing............check out the WkiPedia.................NO NOISE POLUTION..............ONCE YOU REMOVE THE HEADPHONES THE AMBIENT AIR IS SILENT.................You can play music all night next to the Police Station and they would never know that people are dancing and having a great time..........My wife told me to go ahead a announce my idea and like minded people would show up...............The concept requires multiple people to dance and watch others express themselves................You have the option to watch other express themselves or you can continue dancing because this is a dance party after all...........I enjoy going to the Epicenter cause I can dance at different spots and catch my breath in the open night.................Let me know so we can get this thing going!!!!!!!!!

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