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Welcome to the Fort Myers Photo and Video Club! We are happy you joined and we hope you will choose to be an active member!

Fort Myer’s Photo and Video Club organizes photo events in and around South West Florida. Our purpose is to create fun photo activities where members can meet new friends while learning from each other and sharing as we go.

You will be notified of these events by email, or if you choose not to receive email simply log onto the site to view the calendar of events. (Email settings can be found under "My Profile." Please adjust them to your taste) but I hope you will opt to receive emails. I promise that the emails will pertain to the group’s activities and will not in no way be considered spam.

Membership in the Fort Myers Photography Group is FREE to join, however, there are times when a fee is charged. When models or help is required, when admittance fees are needed then I will post on the event page. The lunch or dinner review of images after each meetup will be your responsibility if models or help attend the group it would be polite if we cover their lunch or dinner. Occasionally we travel greater distances to a special location. When that occurs, some folks prefer to organize a car pool and riders should be considerate of the driver and voluntarily contribute towards gas.

Monthly Online Contest FEE (coming soon)
Each month we host a Themed Contest. To enter this contest there is a Fee of $12/for the year. In December, we will host a Meetup where the winners of the monthly contest will receive a prize. This is a fun, low stress way to compete. We upload images to the Monthly Contest section under "Photos" then guest judges who are all career photographers, choose the winners and provide constructive criticism. Comments on images are welcome.

Workshops In order to grow and get better at our craft, we will occasionally offer workshops. Fees will be associated with these workshops and plainly announced, so you will be aware when a fee is involved. Please also be aware of the workshop refund policy before reserving your spot.

A word about RSVP's
All Meetups require members to RSVP. Whether fee applies or not, please be considerate of the hosts, we intend to have several hosts throughout the year. If you cannot attend, please make your RSVP reflect that.

The Meetup site has a discussion section where you are encouraged to participate. This board is for announcing events, workshops, contests, seeking and providing advice. It is NOT to be used for spamming the group, MLM, personal interest announcements. Those will be promptly deleted with no warning. Repeat offenders will be cheerfully stoned in the town square and/or banned from the network.

Volunteers are Encouraged!
If you have a suggestion or would like to lead a Meetup, please contact us! We welcome members who are interested in leading a Meetup. You can plan it, and we will post it. Our goal is to have as many events as possible and we can't do it all alone! Don't be bashful, speak up!

Other Photography Clubs Welcome!
Since our name is Fort Myers Phot and Video Club, we would like to invite other groups in the area to join this Meetup. If you are a member of a Club that would like to increased visibility for your events, please contact us. Together we can create an awesome network with activities in all corners of our region.

We look forward to meeting you at a Meetup soon!

Upcoming events (2)

Everyone Loves a Carnival!

Sun Splash Family Waterpark

Everyone loves a carnival. Saturday is going to be SUNNY and 80 degrees. Let's go capture some fun and festive carnival sights and sounds with the night lights. The attractions includes national performers, community entertainment, carnival rides, fireworks, Cirque acts, Polynesian dancers, stilt walkers & more – plus, games and carnival food! Let's meet off to the side of the ticket booths. We will need to purchase tickets in advance, so there will be a fee. This is a city event and I am trying to arrange the shoot up now, I know we have not had a shoot up event in a while but the more interest I see the more fun shootups I will arrange. Please RSVP 'yes' or 'no' so I have an idea as to how many of us will attend and I can tell the organizers. You can bring a tripod with on camera flashes only, but we need to make sure we're not standing in the middle of walkways etc. I am looking for a co-host, if you are interested please email me. Also looking for a studio for an up-coming shoot, let me know if you know of one we can use.

Christmas in the City!

Needs a location

The Holiday season is here! It's time to get out for some festive photos of from the Annual 'CenturyLink' Holiday Festival of Lights. Includes Snowcap Square with its very own Snow Drift, community groups perform their holiday magic, and of course the annual tree lighting. Please RSVP 'yes' or 'no' so I have an idea as to how many of us will attend and I can tell the organizers. You can bring a tripod with on camera flashes or speedlites only, but we need to make sure we're not standing in the middle of walkways etc.

Past events (6)

Practice your Commercial Shots

Needs a location


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