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This group is for you who are interested in self-empowerment and life transformation through spiritual growth and consciousness. The purpose of this group is for members to empower themselves and expand their consciousness through guided meditations, and teachings of metaphysics, led by Seqkat Winn, who is a gifted energy healer, transformational author, coach, speaker, intuitive consultant and a certified practitioner of the Law of Attraction and Joe Follrod who is a metaphysical minister, licensed Unity teacher, EFT practitioner, spiritual counselor and energy worker. Seqkat and Joe will share from their knowledge and experience, encouraging members to share as well.

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120th Meeting: Hard to Change a Negative Belief? Why & How to Make it Easy!

Have you been on the path, where you have learned your negative beliefs are creating that negative reality you do not prefer? And you've tried every modem under the sun to change those beliefs? And they work, but with a lot of work, or maybe you get lazy and stop doing the reiteration necessary to change those beliefs, and just remain stuck in circumstances you wish would change? Where the is the Easy Button? That's what Seqkat is covering this week. She'll be explaining how your brain is functioning, and why changing a belief can be so challenging and require a great deal of work of repetition of doing something totally opposite than you originally learned, which then causes stress! But she doesn't stop there! She'll also share with you HOW to make those changes a lot easier, so you can start enjoying your preferred reality, sooner with less work to get there! :) ~*~ We will open with our weekly check-in, then we'll do our group Chakra Cleansing with one member receiving the energy directly from Seqkat. Then we'll move into the lesson with Seqkat and discussion then close with Joe performing the closing circle. Coffee, tea, and filtered water remain available for you! Please, RSPV! We have members coming offline and from Facebook too! It's helpful to get an idea of how many are coming. Thank you, so much! Love & light! :) *Keep note we do have Cats, as a heads up for anyone with allergies. >^..^<

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