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Welcome to CRAFETTI,

WE ARE CREATIVES:: Taking a bunch of nothing and making something wonderful because we like to have fun with the old, the new, the unique, the bold.

NO COST FOR ADMISSION :: Some supplies may be requested for you to purchase and/or bring.

CRAFTS WE EXPLORE :: Member suggestions like: Sewing, pop up card making, canvas painting, crochet, deco Podge, book making, glass etching, color theory, rock painting, paper flowers, Pottery Painting, seasonal, Christmas items and ordainments, quilling, making yarn wreaths, craft outings and charity projects.

WOMEN MEMBERS ONLY:: MUST RSVP for each meet up intended to attend. A fun relaxed crafting meet up for WOMEN ONLY. THERE IS NO CHILDREN'S SPACE. If you desire to bring guests they must be women of adult age. There is no separate space for high noice level activities and safety of children.

JOIN US ANY WAY :: Don't want to participate in projects at a meet up "BRING YOUR OWN CRAFT' or just come CHAT and LAUGH WITH US. If you desire to do crafts but do not want to keep them. If you leave them with Sandy she will make sure they get a home.

MEET UP TIMES :: Please check site frequently for last minute changes. We meet 2nd. Saturday of each month. Plus scheduled planning lunches and outings at various times. You will recieve an email in case of; project, time, venue changes or cancellations. Thank you for being patient with your leaders. We are just people to.

BASIC CRAFT KIT:: NO WOMAN WILL BE DENIED ACCESS TO CRAFTING WITH US BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE THESE ITEMS AT A MEET UP. We will share out of the kindness of our hearts. Please wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty, paint and/or glue on. Please provide your own safety and protective gear like aprons, glasses and gloves.

1. 12" see through ruler 2. Scissors 3. Markers + black sharpie 4. Small bottle school glue 5. Small nosed wire cutting pliers 6. Pencil + eraser + sharpener 7. Wipes and paper towel 8. Black, white, red, yellow, blue small bottles gloss acrylic paints 9. Liner, small round, medium round, medium flat firm bristled paint brushes 10. Clear tape 11. Masking tape 12. Plastic place mat 13. White copy paper 14. Crayola washable crayons 15. Non smelly or E6000 kind of glue in air tight sealed container 16. Small foldable bolwel or cup.

FRIENDLY REMINDER:: To ensure we may continue to use the meet up site there are rules we must follow as leaders. Meetup.com nor its leaders tolerate actions causing sexual harassment, bullying, bodily harm, detrimental drama, malicious or slanderous gossip. Debates having an angry or demeaning attitude even in jesting can be construed as being such. If any member feels this is taking place please contact head coordinator. Each situation will be asessed with great care and addressed by proper authoritiesa. A warning may be issued, deletion and/or even banned. Thank you for being kind, encouraging, thankful and gentle toward each other.

EVERYONE INCLUDED :: As many members as possible are consulted in; Choices of projects and all manner of exciting versatile adventures. However, we try to keep it low cost, simple to do, easy to clean up and/or something you can give away.

DISABILITIES:: Although venue is no steps handicap friendly you must be able to use facilities and get around by yourself. We are not professionals therefore WE DO NOT FUNCTION AS A PHYSICA OR MENTAL THERAPY MEET UP. Although some say it is therapeutic to their fun side because they are FOCUSED ON THE ENJOYMENT OF CREATING! If you have cold, flue or think you might have any other contagious symptoms please be considerate to your fellow members and refrain from attendance. It takes 24 hours for antibiotics to take effect.

FOOD :: You may purchase your own food and drinks., No food allowed at some venues so please make sure you check ahead of time. If we go to Joann's you may bring a bottle of water but no food allowed in craft room.

CLEAN UP :: ALLOT TIME FOR BREAK DOWN AND CLEAN UP SO EVERYONE CAN HELP. Venue is limited in clean up so please make sure projects are EASILY CLEANABLE. This includes 'Make N' Take' projects as well as 'Creative Adventures'. Tables need be covered for messes and paper towels along with wipes are encouraged. If you need to leave early allot time for clean up including adventures out.

LABELING :: Please make sure to LABEL ALL PERSONAL TOOLS AND SUPPLIES so they are not misplaced. meetup.com, coordinator, organizers, hosts and co hosts will not be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen anything brought into the venue by members.

TIME TABLE :: We don't mind if you come late. Just remember we may be on a TIME SCHEDULE RESTAINT. I only ask out of respect for my time you RSVP and/or CANCEL RSVP's in a timely manner. If there are no RSVP's at least one day before the event I WILL NOT BE AT THE VENUE. In case I have to cancel or cut the time short I will do my best to post it in a message via email to those who RSVP-ASAP.

SUBSTANCES :: NO alcoholic beverages, recreational or street drugs, smoking, fire arms or dangerous weapons are ALLOWED around or in the venue for safety of all.

ADVENTURES OUT :: meetup.com 's, coordinator, organizers, hosts and co hosts are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any persons or things when attending a 'Creative Adventure' in/out side of normal venue. This includes costs and/or refunds. Unless otherwise specified by leaders. NO CHILDREN may go on outings.

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