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Weekly board game night
Join us for Game Night at T&P Tavern, every Tuesday night. All experience levels are welcome. Please arrive on time. If you have never been to T&P Tavern, please arrive early, as parking is confusing: Both the location and parking for T&P Tavern are confusing. The physical address of T&P Tavern is 221 W. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76102. It is on the ground floor of a residual high rise building. The tavern, the high rise building, as well as the T&P train station all share this same address. However, the parking lot on W. Lancaster Ave., just in front of the tavern, is for the associated residential high rise building only. Park there at your own risk. You may be ticketed. Free parking for the tavern is available at two places: either street parking on Lancaster Ave., which is free after 7 PM (verify signage before parking there), or the parking lot for the associated train station, which has an approximate address of 280 W Vickery Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76104. From the train station lot, you have to walk north under I-30 and through the train station to get to the tavern. Please note that the entrance from the parking lot on W. Vickery Blvd. is on the south side of I-30, so even though the tavern, train station, and residential building all share the same address, you cannot drive from the high rise parking lot to the train station parking lot directly. I recommend giving yourself extra time to arrive until you are familiar with the area.

T & P Tavern LLC

221 West Lancaster Avenue · Fort Worth, TX

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This group is for anyone interested in playing Euro board games. New to the hobby of Euro-board games? Not a problem! All experience levels are welcome.

We primarily play games commonly identified as "Euro-style" or "balanced strategy" games. Some of the most popular games in this genre include Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, the Castles of Mad King Ludwig, or Food Chain Magnate. We also frequently play social deduction games like The Resistance or team games like Code Names.

We do NOT play "annihilation" games like Monopoly or Risk. We do NOT play party games like Cards Against Humanity or Taboo. We do NOT play classic games like Chess or Scrabble. Most of the games we play take between 20 minutes and 3 hours.

Membership and dues

We get an enormous number of people who ask to join the MeetUp group and then never make an appearance. We welcome new members, but we generally ask that people attend at least once in order to be accepted as a formal member. Additionally, we regularly remove people who are "members" but are no longer actively attending. Do not take this personally: you can always come back, but we like the size of our MeetUp group to reflect reality and not be inflated to hundreds or thousands of people, like so many other groups.

All active members are kindly asked to pay dues of $10 / year to help cover the cost of running a Meetup Page. We do not expect payment from people new to the club, however, we hope that regular attendees enjoy the MeetUp enough that they want to help support costs associated with maintaining the website and other advertising.

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