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Ryan Casey presents:

"Real World" Examples on How to Load Data Warehouse Structures using SSIS

In this session we will discuss the value of a SSIS Framework, explore forward engineering benefits, and demonstrate SSIS design patterns on loading SQL structures when developing Data Warehouses, SSAS Cubes, and Power BI Analytics.

Live Demo SSIS Framework

• Load & Error Meta Data

• Restart ability, Rollback, Reload Count

• Master Load ID, LoadID, ExecutionID (SSISDB), Refresh

• Package Sequencing and Signatures

• Connections, Expressions, Parameters, Event Handlers

• Alerting (SMTP), Error Flows (XML Destination Script)

Forward Engineering SQL Structures

• Relationships, Primary & Foreign Keys

• Data Types, Nullability, Indexes

Demos for Multiple Design Patterns

• Dimensions (Slowly Changing)

• Facts (Inserts, Updates, Deletes)

• Bridges / Snowflakes



Ryan Casey, MBA, LLC
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