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An hour or so of the 1st session will be character creation. We will the drive into the shady underbelly of the Seattle Sprawl. Experience not required. Please note, Household is home to a small child (watched by the wife) and 2 cats (that occasionally try to help). If you are a new player, or want to know the GM, I am open meeting over coffee... If you are an experienced player, we may be a little slow to start (don't forget the depth and complexities of the rules). All I ask is some flexibility, patience, and acceptance of those at the table.

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Davis and Mid-cities Location provided to attendees · North Richland Hills, tx

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Welcome gamers who want a taste of something different. Though we love D&D and Pathfinder there are so many more to discover and play.

We currently have a Shadowrun game going every other week.

Join for some Shadowrun goodness, fifth edition. The campaign will take place in the Seattle Sprawl. Depending on player's interested it can go a number of different ways. It is a bi-weekly group meeting on Friday Nights. Street Samurai, Riggers, Technomancers, Borgs. All are welcome.

We also have a weekly 7th sea campaign going on. Come sale the seas of Theah and become the Heros you know you are. (7th sea 2nd edition rules).

Others member should feel free to join these games or suggest ones of their own that they want to run and/or play.

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