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Adult Self Defense & Knife Meetup
Adult Self Defense Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Fort Worth Combatives is a self defense martial arts school based out of Fort Worth Texas. We are a certified Systema Russian Martial Art School, certified American Ninjutsu School and ALIVE! Combatives group. We are also a Texas License to Carry certified instructors, NRA certified instructors, and ECSI certified school.

FWC At Genesis Jui-jitsu

5512 River Oaks Blvd · River Oaks, TX

What we're about

Fort Worth Combatives is the Fort Worth Branch of the Central Texas Combatives Training Group (CTCTG), Personal Protection Concepts (PPC) we are also a certified Systema Russian Martial Art School and Armed Combat and Tactics (A.C.T.) school. Here at Fort Worth Combatives we strive to provide a more balanced training system by covering all aspects of training resulting in less vulnerability of what we call fatal tendencies. Real-life attacks are unpredictable and spontaneous, and the person with the most skill in all areas of defense will have a greater chance of survival. Therefore, classes focus on an overall training to produce a well-rounded student prepared for street defense.

Classes are held every Monday and every other Friday:

Monday -
RMA Systema: 7-8:00pm
ALIVE! Combatives: 8-9pm

Every other Friday -
ALIVE! Gunfighting: 7-8:30pm

Dues: $60 a month with Autopay

We have a 6 weeks trial for $69:

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