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Hotel Managers Meeting at Trattoria Bianca
Open daily for lunch and dinner, this sleek Italian restaurant features an Art Deco design and offers an oyster bar, with their famous gorgonzola garlic bread, and delicious dishes including Chianti- braised short rib and seafood fritto misto. Wash it all down with a glass of wine from our extensive collection. About the New Yorker Hotel: According to Joseph Kinney, the chief engineer and unofficial archivist of the New Yorker Hotel (an ancillary enterprise not of this magazine but of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church), three types of inquisitive visitors regularly make pilgrimages there: (1) electrical engineers and technology enthusiasts; (2) people interested in U.F.O.s, anti-gravity airships, death-ray weapons, time travel, and telepathic pigeons; (3) Serbs and Croats. (A guest last year, Bozidar Djelic, the deputy prime minister of Serbia, inscribed for Kinney a copy of his book “Serbia: Things Will Get Better.”) Let's make the hotel mangers the 4th Group. "Electrical Engineers, Time Travel UFOs, Serbs and, the Hotel Managers" What better combination would we like?

Trattoria Bianca

481 8th Avenue · New York

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    NY Area Managers Meetup is an ideal opportunity for the current and/or future aspiring hotel managers to network, grow their hotel's revenue and advance careers. Hospitality Industry is a networking business. Join your professional colleagues, grow your business and advance your career.

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    Current and future hotel managers.

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    Hotel business is a networking business. We network for more business and network to advance our careers. Joining the Forum Meetup group is a perfect opportunity helping to achieve both objectives.

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    More business leads for your hotel and networking with your colleagues.

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