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Are you are someone who wants to take better pictures, be it from your new PnS camera, DSLR, mirrorless or camera phone? If yes, then you are more than welcome to join us in our activities.

You know deep down in your heart what you can do, can see that others may not see. But currently you are either stuck at trying to

- Take less blurry photos.

- Ask yourself if more gear = more quality photos?

- Which camera suits me?

- How can I improve my skills?

Well, here in Casual Photo Snappers, we see that there is a unique photographer in each and everyone of us. We can learn from each other something new. Join us!


Just some gentle reminders to our activities. Do read the below concerning our outings: (


Some guidelines you should take note of:

1) If you have registered for an event, kindly inform the organiser if you are held up by work or unable to make it at least 5 hrs in advance. We organisers initiate these outings at our own time, appreciate the assistance that all chip in. :)

2) Read through the description of the outing first before asking the organiser questions that are already answered in the outing description. Should you insist to be served your answers on a plate, our organisers can also choose to serve the wrong dish.

3) If there is an event you are keen to attend, but the spots are all taken, drop a comment requesting for a spot to be opened for you politely, else all other demands will be ignored. (no point ranting since it will be all text, really.)

4) You will be removed if:

• You have been found to be registering for events and not turning up without a reason.

• You only inform your inability to attend when asked by the organiser. (its quite obvious who are the serious ones, really.)

• You highlight that you are walking the path to becoming a professional photographer and thus will only spend time with beginners when you have the spare time. (no time to entertain pro wannabes.)

Thanks for reading.

The Admin Team.

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