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Foundation is a community that brings people together to explore our curiosities and interests. We work to gather the community around the celebrating of our local artisans, artists, and all who want to share their passions and inspirations with others.

Our hope is to be the catalyst for real connection - creating opportunities for individuals to connect deeper with themselves, others, and the the world around us.

Like a best friend, we provide space for the goofy laughs, the inspirational growth, and the shoulder to lean on. We want you to walk away from each experience discovering something new, making a friend, and feeling more connected to community.


Upcoming events (5+)

Sharing Passions: Fermentation with Firefly Kitchens

In January's rendition of "Sharing Passions", we are excited to bring in Julie from Firefly Kitchens for an evening of fermentation, kraut, and other pickly things!! Firefly is pure probiotic brilliance--they're called firefly for a reason, helping you shine from the inside out. Rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and flavor, they're fermented foos have the probiotic power to transform how you eat and how you feel, and THEY'RE DELICIOUS!! Come join us and get ready to create some of your deliciousness. As with all Foundation events, don’t be shy to come alone! We work hard to instill a culture of community that helps people build a strong social network here in Seattle. So whether it’s by yourself or with a friend, we’re excited to see you soon! Foundation is a community of curious and passionate adventurers. We come together to learn and laugh, explore and connect, and impact and grow. We want to thank our wonderful partner MAKERS Workspace, who invite us into their wonderful community and space to help us celebrate the passion stories of some of Seattle's unique and diverse producers and artisans. Tickets are $25, get yours here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sharing-passions-fermentation-with-firefly-kitchens-tickets-53712412271

Neighborhoods of Seattle Trivia Night with Mary's Place

Once a month, Foundation partners with The Collective and a local nonprofit to host a fun, laugh-filled, themed trivia night to bring the community together around learning, prizes, and an important local cause. In January, we are highlighting Mary's Place with an evening of trivia all focused on Seattle Neighborhoods. From Capitol Hill to Ballard, from Columbia City to Queen Anne, from West Seattle to South Lake Union, we are diving deep into our own backyards, with a special focus on homes/homelessness. Mary’s Place provides safe, inclusive shelter and services that support women, children and families on their journey out of homelessness. Their vision is to create a community where all families have safety, stability, and housing. Join us for a fantastically fun evening of learning and connecting at The Collective in support of this local organization! Come with a team or come by yourself and we'll find one for you. Remember, we will always help you meet some great new people, so don't be shy to come on down by yourself. We'll always save a place for you. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/neighborhoods-of-seattle-trivia-night-with-marys-place-tickets-53832163450

Wining Around With Elsom Cellars

Elsom Cellars

Foundation and Intentionalist are partnering to create class experiences that celebrate the unique stories of some of Seattle's small business's and their owners. Our second collaborative experience, Wining around with Elsom Cellars, focuses on some of the finest wines made in the city of Seattle! This interactive class, tour, and tasting, led by one of Elsom's winemakers, Judy Elsom or Rebecca Weber, will be one you don't want to miss. Please join us for a special night of learning and celebrating an amazing local story of passion! "It’s been said that wine reflects its environment. Elsom Cellars’ wines are filled with the clatter of artisans working hard at their winemaking craft, sharing stories, kids laughing. It’s hard to explain, but somehow it all ends up in the bottle. We classify our wines as Northwest Wines. After all, they are made with Northwest grapes. Hand-crafted, carefully-nurtured grapes from growers with proven consistency and pride. Once selected, we truck the grapes to our winery and crush them. Within hours of receiving them. Late night, early morning — doesn’t matter. Crush them, age them, filter and barrel them. Turn Northwest grapes into Northwest wine. Exclusively bottled wines that offer distinctive flavours, borne of a singular desire – to create the quintessential gesture of hospitality – a great bottle of wine." Foundation is a community of curious and passionate adventurers. We come together to learn and laugh, explore and connect, and impact and grow. Tickets are just $15, grab yours today here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wining-around-with-elsom-cellars-tickets-53887842989

Game Night: LEGO Battle Bots

Product School Seattle

It's time for some fun with GAME NIGHT!! Once a month, we will venture to The Pioneer Collective in Pioneer Square for a fun night of light and goofy competitiveness. Whether it's a puzzle-off, a night of settling Catan, or playing with Legos, you're in for a treat. Drinks will always be provided. Our kickoff experience, in partnership with BEAM Experiences, is LEGO Battle Bots. Build and program your own LEGO battle bot--make it strong, give it weapons, and send it into the SUMO arena to test it's mettle--it's time to reawaken that playful kid inside with "Game Night". In this creative workshop, you will learn to build real working robots using the latest Lego technology. We will teach you the basics of robotic sensors, motors and programming, then provide all the tools you need to destroy your friends in a robo-sumo-battle for ultimate bragging rights (or, just for fun). Get ready to rumble!! Foundation is a community of curious adventurers, passionate creators, and loving connectors. We come together to learn and laugh, explore and connect, and impact and grow. Come by yourself or with friends, either way, we'll make sure you feel welcome, meet some great new people, and connect more with community. Tickets are $35, snag yours here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/game-night-lego-battle-bots-tickets-52627356841

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