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Interested in trying out a traditional Chinese martial art? Always wanted to try but never got around to it? Or maybe you've done something like Karate in the past but now it's too hard on your joints? Maybe you've heard of baguazhang, pa kua chang, ... and wanted to find out more? Perhaps just having some self-defense abilities appeals to you? Or maybe you're just looking for a martial art to try for fun and to learn focus, improve your health, and deal with life's everyday stressors?

If your answer to ANY of the above is YES, then consider attending this 3-hour seminar where we outline the history of Baguazhang, our particular style, the foundational practise and our approach to learning. This is not merely a marketing chat but an actual seminar for both new students and current students that will give you something you can 'take away' as a learning, an insight into how we teach and progress should you decide to become a regular student, and feedback so that you have some understanding of your skill level and how to train.

What to wear? If you are new or trying it out, comfortable loose clothing and preferably shoes with flexible soles. Existing students should wear the traditional zhifu.

What to bring? Water and a notebook. If you have one, also a zafu (meditation cushion); if you don't have one no worries this practise can also be done in a chair and we will show you both variations.

Class size will be limited in order to provide each student with individual feedback.

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3-hour seminar in the foundations of Jiulong Baguazhang for all.

179 George St. Meeting Room/Terrace


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