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This group is for all table-top gamers interested in playing Euro and American Style Boardgames, Trading Card Games, Card Games, Miniatures, Role-playing Games, and Miniature Painting. We are an official event sponsored by Button Man - https://buttonman.games/

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Miniatures Painting

Button Man Gaming

Join us for Miniature painting in store. Bring your own miniatures or paint some of ours! We have paint for participants that are painting our miniatures if you bring your own miniatures, please also bring paint. We have palettes, water, and paint brushes on hand. Join us as we launch this new event, and help us shape what Miniature painting nights are going to look like!

Thursday Night X-wing & Miniatures

Button Man Gaming

Join our players every Thursday night to play X-wing and other Miniature Games here at Button Man Gaming, Warrenville IL. Every Thursday night Button Man hosts the Fox Valley X-Wing Squadron. Thursday is casual play. Players usually arrive between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm, there are plenty of tables for play, and playmats available. If you are looking to try out X-Wing for the first time, we have lists and models available for Rebels, Imperials, and Scum.

Magic The Gathering

Button Man Gaming

Welcome all Magic players to Button Man Gaming, Thursday Night Casual Play. All player types are welcome. All play types approved. Want to learn how to play? We have plenty of spare decks and individuals to help you learn how to play. Come help grow the community and have a lot of fun too.

Friday Night Open Game Night

Button Man Gaming

Every Friday we are open from 7:00 pm - 1:00 am, all of our printing supplies have gone to bed, and it's Game Night! All are welcome. We have an extensive demo shelf you can grab a game to play from, or you can bring your own game to play. Come as a group and just use the space, or come looking for a group to play, we've got members and staff willing to play any game. We usually start the night off with a number of short, quick games, and then launch into a bigger game/night's theme once a large enough group arrives. Feel free to come for only a few hours or stay the entire night.

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Magic The Gathering: Draft Night

Button Man Gaming

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