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Wondering if anyone would be interested in a day at Foxwoods along with the main event so to speak being the brand new largest go cart track in New England built with some of the same companies that build real NASCAR race tracks? 50mph carts Anyone interested??
UPDATE.... First thank you to all that responded with interest. I don't know since I'm so new to this site if this is the right way to update & answer several ?s I been receiving ,probably not but I apologize again as I'm still very new too this. Unfortunately Foxwoods was & did open this track and new event on the 3rd of Aug as I was there the day b4 saw signs and pics which looked really cool & that's why I asap thought it would be a really fun & great first meetup. UNFORTUNATELY the same day the track opened it was shut down as I keep checking the main site which oddly enough says " Its opening has been delayed as there perfecting the carts & track. I been checking daily even called several times Foxwoods which nobody seems to know when it will reopen as the site still says delayed.
I did find out it's going to be 30$ for 8 to 12laps around the track approximately 9min. I apologize for this I as of this but asap when It does open I still certainly will be checking it out then setting up a meet with all you fine need for speed guys & gals so please stay tuned.

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