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This group is for speakers of English, French and Spanish who would like to improve their conversation skills in the other language - and socialise with speakers of the language they're learning!

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French/English & French/Spanish Language Exchange!

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We will meet at the Wharf Road Gardens (the green patch between Waitrose and the canal.

Please note FRENCH IS OUR MAIN LANGUAGE so make sure that you are prepared to practice it in addition to either Spanish and/or English.

We will have the meet-up on an open space and with small groups of max 8 people. There will be two groups:

GROUP 1 - French/English

GROUP 2 - French/Spanish

Where is it ?

The meet up will take place in WHARF ROAD GARDENS. The exact location will be announced on the day of the meet up.

How does it work?

Normally, during the first half hour, while we wait for everyone to arrive and get their drinks, we have a relaxed group conversation in a mixture of languages.

Then, we divide into SEVERAL smaller groups and speak for about 30 minutes in each language. Then we change groups and start again!

The "official" part of the event finishes at 9.30 pm but the night goes on for anyone who's up for another drink. ;)

What level is required?

During the Meetup, we only speak the language of your group, so you should have a conversational level.

Most people attending are usually native or advanced in one language and at least lower-intermediate (A2) in the other language, and this seems to work quite well! :)

I'm a beginner in French, English or Spanish - can I still come?

Your French/Spanish/English doesn't have to be perfect, a lot of people come as beginners. Right after the event you're very welcome to stay and have a drink.

I have other questions...

No worries! Please leave a comment or send Guillermo a private message.

Events are FREE (supported by tips so give what you want at the end of the event!)

See you soon!

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French/English & French/Spanish Language Exchange!

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