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Full Moon & Magical Workshop
6:15 Inner circle members arrive promptly for setup RITUAL STARTS AT 6:30. 6:30-7pm Meditation/Smudging QUIET time. Guests arrive for setup time, and get tea. Get smudged and be seated quietly in circle. This is a time for meditating and getting into transcendental head space for a sacred gathering. 7-8pm Circle Time We'll begin by casting sacred space. Casting the circle, and calling in the energies we want to fill our vessel with, to help us grow. A basic circle casting script will be provided. Participants are welcome to improvise and use their own words. Be prepared to participate fully and energetically, as only by jumping into it will you have the bonding, and energy-raising experience that we all hope for. 8-9pm Full Moon Magical Workshop We will have a magical workshop featuring culmination, manifesting and growth magic, as is appropriate for full moon energies. 9-9:30 Q&A / SOCIAL TIME Snack, talk, question, share time. What to bring: Dress in comfortable clothing. Dedicants and Initiates wear black shirt/pants or dresses -usually in a knit cotton. A water bottle, pen, notebook and sweater are always helpful. As you attend more events, keeping all your notes in one folder to bring and refer back to may be helpful on your path. It's important to eat lightly beforehand - so that you have enough energy to sustain you through ritual, but not a full/heavy meal beforehand - as powerful energy work can make one feel queasy on a full stomach. Also note, while light (one drink) alcohol is permitted, this is a spiritual event, a celebration - but not a rager, and members are expected to behave accordingly. Also there is no smoking indoors. Cost: To cover the cost of consumable circle supplies such as candles, inscense, and printouts, tonor, and workshop materials, and meetup fees, new meetup attendees are asked to pay a $10 cash donation at the door for each event. Note - most circles/meditations and workshops such as this cost 2 to three times our fee, so this is a bargain! With us, you get high-quality group instruction, and a warm, caring community, at a savings. If you join the inner circle, then dedicant/initiates/ inner circle members are asked to pay half of that- $5 dues per circle - as dedicated/initiated members have attendance, study curriculum, and donation of preparation, teaching, and cleanup time requirement. We provide high value/ low-cost meetup workshops, as we are a growing, teaching circle, and provide meetups are our way of introducing and recruiting inner circle members, and as a service and connection to the greater wiccan community. Some other notes: We sometimes keep windows open for ventilation, so the candles do not get too smoky. Currently, we use electric lights, so that everyone can read the paperwork during the ritual/workshop. (Later, once people have the basic structure memorized, we may go to only candles.) Please dress in comfortable, warm, circle-appropriate attire. Also Note that we do do cakes and ale. If you have an aversion to alcohol, wheat, sugar, nuts or other common ingredients, or a shared chalice, please let us know ahead of time, or bring any special dietary items needed with you. We also have cats, though we do our best to clean, if that effects you, please take medication. questions? More thoughts about this or other empowerment/magical topics than can fit in a text? Want to schedule a private discussion, talk about dedication, or any other spiritual matter? You can also reach me (December), or our other organizers, Christine or Mikey G. via messaging on here. Or email us at [masked]. If you have any urgent questions, or need directions: Text December's cell at[masked]. Blessed Be! -- DecemberMagic HPS, Woodland Faerie, Myrridyn, and Aurora First Degree Initiates

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The circle: We are a local. metrowest-of-Boston, in person, co-ed, ecelctic wiccan-based circle. We incorporate celtic, druid, high-magic, quablah, astrology, herbalism, stone crystal grids, and a variety of other topics and ritual formations, shadow work and personal development of spirit, heart, mind and body, into our practice and study. We admit members who will be active in the group, with regular attendance, participation and understanding of giving back into the circle to truly form a community. We follow a traditional wicca initiation path with 3 degrees from dedication to elder with an established curriculum of book, and study assignments that are done with a group of similar students over a six year period. We study, practice and advance our magical and spiritual development. We hold meetups twice a month, and are open to new members that seek to truly study the craft, and participate regularly in a close group setting. As HPS, meetups are held in my house, in my meditation area, so I am here to answer any questions you may have in considering to join a traditional circle. We look forward to meeting you at one of our meetups soon! Blessings, DecemberMagicHPS

Study and Teaching Circle: We seek to develop serious individuals who are interested in deep personal, spiritual and magical development, and want to live a full heart-centered, empathic, spiritually aware and magical life as a daily practice. The circle is in the new Goddess Empowerment tradition, as it focuses on Divine God & Goddess Energies, and on empowering and developing it’s members. We derive ‘best practices’ from many polytheistic natural, healing and religious traditions including natural or hedge magic, wicca, druidism, shamanism, and Thelema or high magic, and many eastern philosophies as well. Sacred Grove offers teaching and guidance to dedicated students in Goddess Work, Living Magically every day, Energy Healing, Druidism, Women’s Divine Energy, Celtic Shamanism, Dieties, Wicca, and magick. We offer once-monthly mostly-free workshops on a variety of spiritual-development topics, as well as accepting new circle members that want to dedicate to a more in-depth personal development and growth program leading potentially to initiation and deep spiritual and magical development. We offer a supportive environment for learning together, and a three-degree curriculum. We value mirth as well as reverence in our circles and in our lives. We generally combine our monthly workshops with ritual spiritual circles that are designed to be reverent, heart centered, and fun - at full moons, the eight pagan holidays and/or at key astrological timings - and more seriously, occasionally also at dark moons to do shadow work.

What we're about: Empowerment, divine feminine energy, magic, spirituality. Please note we are open to all races, genders and orientations -this is a spiritual group-and we behave spiritually toward all others. :) We're about the magical, the divine, the positive, hopeful and empowering. We're about nature, and embracing the wild and free and beauty all around us and appreciating our world. We spread love and hope and energy. We recognize the balance of power and the male/female within each of us. the Light/dark within each of us. We embrace our own humanity... we allow others and ourselves to be small, angry, hurt, vulnerable, and provide a safe place to explore that which is within our own darkness, and so by doing -transform it. We're about contributing, and trying, and developing ourselves through practice and study and effort. We actively want to improve the lives of our members, and the world around us. We empower love, abundance and magic within and around us by giving it light and love and energy. We recognize the balance of power and the male/female within each of us. the Light/dark within each of us. We embrace our own humanity... we allow others and ourselves to be small, angry, hurt, vulnerable, and provide a safe place to explore that which is within our own darkness, and so by doing -transform it.

What we're not about: Excluding anyone b/c of race, gender or any other unmaleable trait. We're not Dianic, red-tent, or male-excluding. We're not anit-men, anit-christian, or anti-anything. We suffocate hate or any exclusionary type practices, by not giving it any air here. We're also not a therapy group and although energy work can be transformative, healing and therapeutic - it is no substitute for psychological and emotional support of a licensed and trained therapeutic worker. So we urge those that need extra support to seek that out through their healthcare providers.

There’s an opening for... you? We are looking for like-minded people to walk the spiritual path with us - open, honest, positive, with a dash of humor and sarcasm! We are currently seeking mature, collected, down-to-earth individuals who are serious seekers of the craft willing to devote time and energy to group activities. Eighteen and over only, please. If you might be interested in studying with us and would like to get to know us better, please contact us. Once we've gotten to know members, he/she has come to a few monthly circles, and we're all bonding - in addition to these open monthly circles, we'll also open the Facebook group, and then you can also participate in the 'members only' full moons, dark moons and seasonal rituals as well.

About the members: We are a group of healthy, happy, strong, powerful, magical creatures, coming together in love and light to celebrate the seasons and practice magic and spirituality. We are a warm, close knit group of adults who seriously study wicca, druidism, shamanism, goddess empowerment, and other forms of spiritual growth, and strive to learn and grow together. Each person actively participates in the gatherings, shares deeply of themselves. and studies outside of group as well. We welcome with open arms anyone wanting to learn, grow, and empower themselves in the craft. We all work on our own personal development, and help each other... but we are not a 'healing' circle for those who need extensive support. We have a growing group of beginning outer circle members, and a core group of advanced-initiated members. We welcome anyone who seriously seeks a circle to practice with and will actively participate, attend regularly, and work on his/her own growth. As this is hosted in my home, I do carefully speak with each person before inviting them into the group. We don't allow drug use. Smoking is outside away from the house only. And alcohol is only used lightly-ceremoniously.
Our founding members range from their mid-twenties to early-forties and are primarily professionals living in the Greater Boston/Metrowest Area. We are a passionate, creative, socially progressive group of career-focused professionals with varied interests, and one common goal of connected spirituality. We are crafty, and some of us have made our garments or tools, as well as supplies such as candles and such. As a group, we combine mirth and reverence and meld intuition and reason. We value the intellectual aspect of learning, and recognize the visceral, experiential learning-by-doing nature of much of spiritual growth. We do focus on goddess empowerment – which does draw more females, but we also value God energy, and would welcome some gender balance within our group. In our celebration we incorporate food and song, and in our teaching we recognize the value both of structured classes and late-night philosophical discussions over bottles of wine.
You can also find us on: via Sacred Grove Circle in Framingham, MA. We also have a FB group for inner circle meetings and our dedicated/initiated/advanced members. Feel free to reach out with any questions. You can reach me by email at, for urgent things like "I'm lost/need directions, text me at 508-468-7988.
In love and light with Brightest of Blessings -DecemberMagic

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