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For all who are fascinated by the Haskell Programming Language and want to exchange ideas, knowledge, experience. Of course this includes academia, programmers in industry, hobbyists ... It also includes discussions about FP in general and topics of other FP languages - for example Clojure, Scala, F#, OCaml - are welcome. Focus of course is Haskell (therefore the name). It is fun meeting face to face, so instead reading and writing more listening and talking!

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The Elm Architecture in Haskell: Managing state with multiple threads

This time at the Frankfurt Haskell User Group, Marcelo Lazaroni will give a talk about the Elm architecture in Haskell. As usual, we will start at 18:30 with Pizza and afterwards start with the talk, hope to see you all there! Here is the abstract: Elm is a pure functional language for the front-end. It enforces an architecture that allows programs to stay pure in an event-based setting. It turns out that this architecture is a great idea for Haskell too. It provides an easy to understand the pattern to organise the state in long-lived or complex Haskell applications. The Elm Architecture replaces the threading of a state monad or a stack of monad transformers through the program with a single pure update function. Its event-based approach provides a simple way to handle concurrency, making things even more fun.

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