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After a brief pause FrankfurtJS is back on the 2th of December.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


18:30 Intro by Kahlil, Jo and Evgenij

18:45 Top 5 JavaScript Tools and Best Practices – with Microsoft, but without the Internet Explorer by Gregor Biswanger (

There are a lot of professional and powerful JavaScript Frameworks, tools and class libraries available these days. This shows us, that JavaScript Development gains in importance. In this speech, Gregor Biswanger introduces his Top 5 tools. Including TypeScript to improve the development in a team and architecture planning. RxJS, for high-performance asynchronous development. Visual Studio Code as an alternative solution to Node Inspector, which enables an more effective debugging of NodeJS Applications.
Gregor Biswanger ( (Microsoft MVP, Intel Black Belt, and Intel Software Innovator) is a freelance lecturer, consultant, trainer, author, and speaker. He is a consultant for large and medium-sized companies, organizations, and agencies for software architecture, web- and hybrid-app development.

ca. 19:30 Long Break

ca. 20:00 lycheejs - Teaching an AI how to AI by Christoph Martens (

lycheejs is a modern next-gen isomorphic application engine. Its focus is the cross-platform deployment of applications to other platforms using plain ECMAscript. This talk will explain the necessary architecture and evolved concepts of lycheejs - and their advantages in the perspective of debugging, simulation, editing, forking and re-using of application-specific code amongst other platforms.

Chris is a mad software scientist coming from the Game Engine World. After years of repetitive programming, he decided to shift his passion to the Artificial Intelligence sector and to start teaching AIs how to program and design software. Now, working at [Artificial Engineering]( (, he trains software bots and AIs for a living.

ca. 20:30 Short Break

ca. 20:45 Building an IoT Application with Javascirpt, node-red and ioBroker by Denis ak Bluefox

There are plenty of projects that let have fun with the Internet Of Things and the Javascript is not the last language to achieve it. Last time the Node.js turns into very dynamic and powerful platform. node-red and ioBroker are the good examples of such Javascript Projects for IoT. With detailed introduction into node-red and the possibilities to use it in own applications it will be shown how to create own node for specific online service and to process the obtained data.
Denis ak Bluefox is developer of IoT Platform - ioBroker. Together with other community enthusiasts he has been working on this project for three years. Denis is experienced engineer in the industrial automation and communication protocols.


This FrankfurtJS event is hosted by Etecture ( They provide location, technical equipment, food an drinks. Thank you Etecture!