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Hello 2016, hello FrankfurtJS!

We are welcoming the new year with a special edition of FrankfurtJS called


and it works like this: we have one serious talk in the beginning for everybody to thoughtfully wrinkle their foreheads to, then we go into a loooong break with food and drinks and lots of possibility to talk about the serious talk everybody just witnessed.

After the break we will bring out the final talk of the night which will be just absolutely BATSHIT CRAZY and fun.

LADIEEES & GENTLEMEN!!! In the SERIOUS CORNER: Rubeeeen Bridgewaterrrr with an Intro to Redis see the details below.

Aaaaand in the CRAZY CORNER: Tiiiiiiiiiiimmmm Pietruskyyyy with Bullgit - Welcome to Awesomness! (Kazzo anyone??)

You've got to be there!

IMPORTANT NOTE:The number of participants is limited! Last time we had 10 people on the waiting list who weren't able to come, even though the no show rate was quite high. So please, if you decide to RSVP don't forget to come ;-)

Talk 1:
Intro to Redis: Typical use cases and a brief outlook for node_redis by Ruben Bridgewater (

There are many common uses cases for Redis. Most companies likely use Redis to prevent regular slow database querys to get blazing fast apps and websites. But Redis is more than just a fast database that solves devastating network and data access latency in your application. It has a good build in queuing and pub sub system and you're able to easily solve many things you might stumble across in the NodeJS landscape. This will be a introduction into some typical use cases and a brief outlook into how the main NodeJS Redis client evolves.

Speaker: Ruben, Lead-Backend-Developer of Fintura GmbH a Fintech from Darmstadt maintains the NodeRedis organisation and loves to optimize algorithms and code in general for simplicity and performance.

Talk 2:
Bullgit - Welcome to Awesomeness! by Tim Pietrusky ( & Kevin Gimbel (

Why so SERIOUS? Isn't developer life serious enough already? Don't you want to use frameworks like SCREAM.CSS, fuckIE.js or lowercase-framework.css to have more fun? Well, this is your chance, because the Masters of Internet Bullshit™ are here to rescue you.