3-D Printer enthusiasts get together!


Join us for 1st 3D printer meetup!

Whether you are a 3-D printer enthusiast or just curious about them, this meetup is for you. Bring your knowledge, questions, creations, finished 3d printer, in-progress or broken. Come to learn and share with other 3d printer enthusiasts.

Even if you are just curious about 3D printing please join us to learn what it's all about. Most people do not realize how affordable they are!

Free entry plus pizza and drinks will be provided to those who complete the following survey:

Fredworks And You Survey (https://goo.gl/forms/MMjqARhWrStoAlkH2)

Our goal is to create a regular get together for those interested in 3D printing and related technology. If you are looking to socialize, discover what others are doing, and sharing your own creations then we would love to meet you! Family and friends are welcome!