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Youth Foraging, 2nd Saturdays May - October

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"‘Consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fibre and energy for provision of local needs."


"Permaculture is also a world wide network ( and movement of individuals and groups working in both rich and poor countries on all continents. Largely unsupported by government or business, these people are contributing to a sustainable future by reorganising their life and work around permaculture design principles. In this way they are creating small local changes but ones which are directly and indirectly influencing action in the wider environment, organic agriculture, appropriate technology, communities and other movements for a sustainable world."

-David Holmgren

This group is a place for people who want to expand their awareness of environmental and societal issues and take concrete action through Permaculture design, intentional living, and local activism.

It is for people who have just become aware of Permaculture as a way to facilitate positive change and restore the Earth starting in our own backyards and communities. We can learn together and encourage each other.

It is for people who are more experienced in Permaculture design and who want to share their knowledge.

It is for people passionate about aligning themselves with the rhythms of nature and with the wisdom of our ancestors through learning primitive/traditional skills.

It is for people who sense the joy of banding together in community to get stuff done. Whether that means sharing gardening tools, lending an egg, participating in a babysitting coop, bartering, raising a barn, teaching a skill, organizing a protest. There's absolutely no limit to the good we can do together!

It is for people who are raising children and want to foster an awareness of the natural world and a resilience and courage in their hearts. It is for people whose children have grown. It is for people who have no children of their own. It is for people of all types of families from all types of backgrounds. If you care about the Earth and you want your life to be a benefit to this place and these people, we want you.

*Some* things we could create/do together:

*Food Forests in downtown Frederick and all over the place.

*Sharing circles: networks of people who live in the same zip code who can meet each other and define ways to rely on/support one another through sharing food, transportation, childcare, tools, time, and energy.

*An Intentional community (or many). This could be a conversion of urban housing or something along the lines of a more rural or semi-rural Eco Village. For inspiration see

*Documentary viewing parties

*Book clubs

*Local food potlucks

*Skill shares

*Work parties

*Participation in town halls/local events to effect change and raise awareness of local issues.

*Any other super awesome thing you can think of!

Learn more about Permaculture here:

This group is just a wee fledgeling baby. Lend your energy and ideas to make us fly!

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