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FWStival of Light
Hello, friends! Lately I've been thinking about passion vs perfection, and the inverse relationship between the presence of greatness and the need for conformity. As readers, when we encounter writing that makes us gasp and grip the book with both hands, books that make us just pretend we have upset stomachs so we can lock ourselves in the bathroom and read in peace, stories that make us forget we were supposed to pick up our sister-in-law at the airport, then (unlike said sister-in-law, perhaps) we're willing to overlook a host of errors. As writers, when we are exposed to what we're doing right, we also feel so much more motivated to continue and to improve. Yes, we always want to polish our work, but it's more important to keep our sights on what is beautiful, what is inspired, what is transcendent. To that end, let's look at each other's work and name the greatest strengths. We won't have to spend as long on each submission, so I imagine we can take up to 8 pieces, of no more than 2000 words each. I will ask that only only those who have critiqued for others submit for this meeting, but everyone is welcome. Please come join us if you would like to celebrate brilliance! I'll post the link to the folder in the comments. Add a comment if you'd like a spot, and I'll confirm. Since we may have more to read, please make sure your submission is in the folder by EOD Sunday November 25. Oh, and if you want to explore the Lagoon Nebula pictured above, check this out:

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