What we're about

We are going to create your first Android app, include server-side.
Hi, everybody, I came to NZ from China to learn the English language, I've been worked as a programmer for over 10 years.
I'm happy to teach you in English, so if you are a native speaker and wanna be a programmer or web developer. contact me.

We have a WhatsApp group for everybody:

How to build an Android app with Java.


1. You should have understood basic Java programming.

2. Basic JSON knowledge.

3. Bring your computer, windows or mac

4. You should have downloaded Android Studio.

What will we do:

1. Tell you what the Android app looks like.

2. You are going to learn how to create and Build an android project in Android Studio.

3. [Database] Understanding SQLite.

4. Understanding Android user interface.

5. [Database] Create a content provider for managing the database (CRUD)

6. [Database] Displaying data with a ListView.

7. [Database] Using CursorLoader.

8. [UI] Customizing the appearance of list items.

9. [UI] Creating content Activity.

10. [Network] Transfer Data via JSON

11. [Media] How to create a MediaService.

12. [Network] Using Retrofit2 in the project.

Finally, We are going to get an English Lessons App.

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