What we're about


This group is open and free for everyone interested to

Evolve and help others to evolve

1. Learning from authentic texts and tradition to help manage stress and suffering

2. Learning healthy lifestyle - well-being approach free from drugs

3. education and certification courses - introductory , online and at different locations in Middlesex county and mercer county

4. short term courses on Mindfulness, Meditation, anxiety and Authentic Yoga


I started learning Authentic Yoga Tradition from the Himalayan masters 37+ years ago. It is 6000 years old. It has 3000 texts and masters.


we will make a presentation for 30 minutes presentation on What / Why/ How
Traditional teaching will help you
change your personal, professional, social lives and lives of others Learn, practice, and experience Inner Peace and Freedom in YOU
Authentic learning from texts & traditions seamlessly integrating styles
YOU will learn from authentic texts written by great masters for deeper and clear understanding and applications.
And create your own to personalize session for your students
YOU will learn how to empower yourself and your students with ease and effectiveness a personal or group session Mindfulness/ Meditation practices supported by scientific understanding
You will learn relaxation, mindfulness, and Kundalini practices and start transforming yourself during the training. This will help you learn , how to help people suffering from mental challenges and improve mental well-being. YOU will co-author pdf books with Lead Teacher during the course as home
YOU will educate yourself by co-authoring pdf books during the training to enhance your knowledge and expertise. We help students to change to help others to change


Join ONLINE or locations announced at different locations in Middlesex and mercer counties

visit http://www.girishjha.org for detail

write to us at info@girishjha.org for more information


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