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Hey there MeetUp person,

Want to make a physical item you've been tossing around in your noggin for a while? Well come by and we'll put our skills to use to machine or fabricate your item free of charge, you supply the idea and materials and we'll provide the labor. Wait what? Free labor?

We, Alex and David, love making stuff specifically physical items. and wanted to share our passion and capabilities with people who don't have the luxury of daily access to machining and fabrication equipment. So we thought it'd be fun to have people come to our shop, share their ideas with us see if its something we can make in a timely manner and make it for 'em, free of charge on labor.

What kind of stuff can we make? Well our shop is equipped with pretty standard machine shop equipment; CNC mill, CNC plasma table, manual mill, manual lathe, saws, drills, etc. We can work with most materials though for the purposes of this event aluminum, steel (not stainless steel), and plastics are preferred as they are a lot quicker to machine and easier to work with. If you are in doubt send us a message describing what you want (or better yet a picture) and we'll let you know if its within our realm or not.

-You supply the material: Giving away time is one thing giving away material for free is quite another.

-We do the machining: For a boat load of reasons we will do the work (machining, welding, drilling, cutting, complaining, measuring, collecting tools, deburring, etc). We'll explain the process and gladly answer questions you have but you won't be able to operate the equipment.

-Bring your curiosity! Got an itch to learn something about machining, fabrication, mechanical design, micro-controllers, why Saturns are nifty cars? AWESOME, don't be intimidated to ask questions.

-Your ideas are that, yours: If you want us to sign an NDA print one out and we'll sign it, though we can't request other participants do the same, that'd be a bit awkward.

-This is for tinkers, makers, hackers, and startups: If you're an established business looking to have a machine shop make your parts for free don't. This event is designed for people who don't have the resources, whether that be financial or equipment, to make their ideas on their own.

-First come first serve: This is how we're going to start it out, it might change as we see what works best.

-We've limited the event size so that those who come are more likely to get their stuff made. If the event is full but you still want to come feel free to do so though don't be disappointed if we have to close before getting to your project. That being said if you do RSVP come, if you don't that means someone else wasn't able to come and is thus a wasted spot.

This will be held at our place of business, Euclid Machine and Design LLC, 880 N 9th Ave, Unit D, Brighton, CO, 80603. Parking is limited so if you can't find a space come in and we'll point you to where you can park.

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