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Mantra Meditation Evening
Mantra Meditation Evening 7:15 pm - 8:30 pm Our mantra meditation evening will start with a short deep breathing exercise which uses a simple mantra with the breath. This is a very relaxing and rejuvenating technique you can use at home. We will then have Kirtan (group meditation chanting mantras accompanied by musical instruments). This is a simple, fun and effective method of mantra meditation that everyone can easily do. We look forward to seeing you, welcome along... Best wishes, Bella and Neil

Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre

13 McCombies Court · Aberdeen

What we're about

Bella and I have lived all over the world and as seekers by nature we have practised different forms of yoga and meditation. We have both been practising mantra meditation for 10 years now and simply like to share this simple but profound system of Yoga meditation with others.

Why meditate?

Many people get into meditation for different reasons. Some people use it to sharpen the mind or to help make more money. Others are inquisitive and are trying to find answers to questions such as 'who am I' or 'What's the meaning of life'. For the most part people get into meditation to relieve stress which according to recent research is one of the root causes of many diseases including cancer.

Whatever your interest may be, simply by applying this ancient yoga process of sound meditation a practitioner will experience a great sense of well being and satisfaction.

Why is that?

Quite simply these mantras are spiritually nourishing and satisfy the spiritual hunger that we all have. In the yoga system an analogy is made that we spend all day taking care of our bird cage and are so engrossed in the cage that we have forgotten about the bird in side which is starving and never sings. The yoga teachings state that we are spiritual in essence and by chanting bona fide mantras one becomes more and more satisfied within.

Allot of information but the process is fun and simple and we will be meditating on something that we are all familiar with- sound. So there is no need to be able to sit cross legged or still the mind, we will be chanting mantras together accompanied by musical instruments- don't worry this is not X factor.

So we look forward to meeting with you and passing on this most valuable gift and guess what- its for free ;)

Any questions, please get in touch!

Best regards,

Neil and Bella

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