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Wisdom in Action: "What you don't know about Karma"
Most people understand the basic concept of karma; that you get back what you give. How does that exactly work and over what period of time? This session will unpack the myths and misunderstandings that surround this fascinating topic. Why come to the center? The Meditation Center is an oasis of calm in mid-town Manhattan. Our unique environment, with a friendly and experienced staff, is a great place to experience tranquility amidst the chaos of the city. Come and reflect in our special silence room in order to experience true inner peace and clarity of mind. All our activities are free of charge. We offer a variety of lectures, courses and workshops to deepen spiritual wisdom and help make meditation a joyful and regular practice! Check out our calendar for the upcoming events. We would love to see you! The center functions with voluntary donations by those who have benefited from its activities. FYI: WHEN ENTERING CENTER, PLEASE BUZZ IN FROM OUTSIDE THE BUILDING

2nd Floor

306 5th avenue · New York, NY