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- Develop a deeper understanding of how our mind works, and how it is not possible to deal with issues of the mind ( like stresses, negativities, depressive tendencies) at the level of mind, and how to easily use other techniques to get over it.

- Guided meditation you can learn and practice at your home

- New energizing stress-buster breathing technique ( pranayama)

- Hatha Yoga stretches that releases accumulated stresses and make body more supple

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COVID prevention and related stress elimination

Online event

Build up immunity, speed up recovery from COVID infection.

COVID has put us on a back foot. New strains, like the UK strain, Brazilian strain and others keep emerging just when we think we are getting it under control. Not only is it a real concern for our health and well-being, but it has taken a very big toll on our mental and emotional well being as well by the added stresses with the uncertainty of health, finances and relationships.

We use only 30% of our lungs capacity normally. Our Lungs are the first defense mechanism of our body and come under attack through pollution and pathogens like COVID. Learn how to use 3 simple techniques to build up strong immunity and get a lasting peace of mind during these pandemic times.

Multiple sessions to choose from:
Apr 18th to May 9th, Sundays, 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM IST

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For questions or more information, click the link wa.me/[masked] to send over Whatsapp

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COVID prevention and related stress elimination

Online event

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