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What we’re about

Join us and let's celebrate your health with Tai Chi!

Learn this beautiful ancient practice, with graceful meditative movements that help maintain physical health, well-being, and spiritual essence.

Some benefits may include:

~ Relieved physical affects of stress and tension

~ Reduced anxiety and depression

~ Improved balance and stability

~ Enhanced awareness, mobility, and coordination

~ Heightened mental capacity and concentration

~ Deeper breathing, serenity, and inner peace

Our beginners Tai Chi classes are free, they are made possible through contributions.
If you would like to help support, any donations would be graciously appreciated. Simply tap

Anyone can learn Tai Chi - any age, all levels of fitness. If there are any medical condition, injuries, or are pregnant, please consult with your doctor prior to attending.

Things to know:

  • There is plenty of free parking.
  • In the event of rain, class will be cancelled.
  • Yoga mats are not needed.
  • The Style practiced in class is the Yang Style, with modifications tailored to promote both balance and fall prevention.
  • You are welcome to invite friends and family.
  • We recommend dressing according to weather conditions - protecting yourself from both hot or cold temperatures.
  • It is suggested to drink water after class to stay hydrated, flush out toxins and support our body's natural healing process.

Please see our calendar for dates and we'll see you there!

~ What People Are Saying ~

"I was totally a beginner, but made to feel quickly at ease. Sierra makes you feel so welcome & is so encouraging. What a kind spirit she has."

"I had a great time. Wonderful energy from Angie Sierra. The marine layer, lit by the Sun, seemed like an energy blanket supporting our practice. There was an ethereal quality to the scene echoing East Asian landscape paintings. The gentle and patient teaching from Sierra was great. Had a great day afterwards and have told several friends about this gem of a class, teacher and location."

"Awesome instructor. Soooo easy to understand & follow. Great job you do Sierra. Great class and beautiful setting too!!"

"My first ever Tai Chi instruction was the best. Sierra is a patient and wonderful teacher. She explains the moves in an unhurried way so you get to practice each one and then puts them all together. I was very comfortable and it was the best day I've had in months. The members are all friendly and I loved that Sierra took out time to share so we could get to know one another. This is the class I've been waiting for and can hardly wait for the next one. The rest of my day was full of energy and an overall feeling of peace and wellness. Thank You, Angie Sierra. You're a phenomenal teacher and kind spirit. Namaste"

"Hi Angie ~ I enjoyed the Tai Chi for Beginners class. Your instructions were simple and easy to follow. The Tai Chi movements felt good. Perfect spot to have the class. Hope to attend another morning class."

"I loved doing tai chi for the first time today! Thanks so much Sierra for your guidance in this beautiful practice"

"I love the setting, and the peeps. Everyone is super chill, and Angie is a real Tai Chi pro!"

For instructor Sierra's Step-by-Step Tai Chi 24 (Full Course), tap here.

~ Angie Sierra's Tai Chi Story ~

"I'll never forget the first time I came across Tai Chi. It was at a 5-days silent retreat. I was walking in nature and noticed a man underneath this beautiful tree moving in a slow, graceful, dancing-like manner. I didn’t know at the time what exactly he was doing, but I was fascinated by the meditative-like movements. I stopped and sat in awe, wondering what this was, but I couldn’t ask him because we were at a silent retreat :)

As soon as I got home, I Googled, 'graceful meditative movements', and Tai Chi came up.
I searched for classes in my area and found a beginners group minutes away.
It only took attending 1 class to fall in love with the art. After a few months I then was invited to practice 3 days a week with a Master named Master Tâm at a Buddhist Temple in Long Beach Ca. There we practiced Tai Chi, Fan, Dao, Shaolin Cane and other like forms. Since then, I have become a Tai Chi Instructor, and my balance, focus, and overall health has improved as a result of Tai Chi."

Private Lessons are available upon request.
Single Lesson: $95 for 1hr.
Package of 3 Lessons: $75 each ($225 to be paid in full on the day of first lesson).

To schedule a private lesson email:

~ A. Sierra (Founder of

Sierra Holistic Collective is a non-profit dedicated to strengthening communities and providing high-impact teachings that help relieve stress and anxiety, improve mental and physical wellness, and provide emotional support.


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