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Welcome to the "Free Thinkers - York."

This group is aimed at anyone who has a deeper interest in life, themselves and reality. It’s for people who are into alternative topics that wouldn’t normally be talked about in mainstream society.

The aim is to be a fun social group, a chance to get together with like minded people to talk and spread awareness about alternative subjects and to make new friends!

The group is for anyone interested in a wide range of topics from… spirituality (any path or persuasion) meditation, mindfulness, enlightenment, creativity, wisdom, inner-self, lucid dreaming, obe's, multidimensional planes/realities, nature of reality, consciousness, science, psychedelic culture, shamanism, magick, esoteric knowledge, eastern/western philosophy, new paradigms, evolved ideas, the environment, living off-the-grid, freeman on the land, intelligent eating, history, alternative/internet media, conspiracies, 9/11 questions, ufos & humanity, chemtrails, geoengineering, transhumanism, political agendas/affairs, society, influential people, authors, artists, musicians, researchers, film makers and anything else along those lines........

This group is not an activist group but the group does naturally spread social awareness. It is not about one particular concept either. Please just be open minded and respect others no matter how limited, different or extreme their beliefs and views are. Also and most important of all its about enjoyment and having fun!

The group could also do activities ranging from visiting sites of certain significance, going to conferences and events, etc. "We are open to ideas!"

Join the "Free Thinkers - York” and come have a drink, chat, have fun and be free to express your thoughts and make "your" world a better world!


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Free Thinkers - gathering at the Royal Oak

Royal Oak

This is our monthly get together to discuss current affairs and the "Big Picture". All welcome.

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Our monthly gathering at the Royal Oak

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