What we're about

This group is only meant for those who are both open minded and skeptical and who seek empowerment of self. It will promote creative thought, but mostly, disillusionment from societal manipulations through mature debate—all while enjoying wholesome recreation.

To be a part of this group, you need to be respectful but also have thick skin. Laughter against disagreement—and agreeing to disagree—will be the hallmark of this group which encourages both independence and camaraderie. Let’s celebrate diverse thinking when it happens and enjoy the illusion of similarity while it lasts.

I believe the tension that comes from continually recognizing and enduring our cognitive and existential solitude creates the only acceptable balance in a world seemingly hell bent on foolish notions, full of thin-skinned compromises, social propaganda, and manipulative memes meant to stifle free thought and speech.

The group will also decide together on informal venues for meeting up including recreation and other empowering activities.

Past events (7)

What’s your Version of the Big Picture?

Harmons - City Creek

The Virtues of Shaming Culture

Harmons - City Creek

When Free Thinkers are Hijacked

Current place: Harmons - Bangerter Crossing (Upstairs conference room)

Semantics and Nihilism : the black and white magic of words

Current place: Harmons - Bangerter Crossing (Upstairs conference room)

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