What we're about

Join to learn about and empower your subconscious mind! The subconscious mind is a storehouse of beliefs, some self limiting and self destructive, that dictate 95%-99% of human behavior. Change your life by changing your beliefs and programming.

Join this group to discover:

-How beliefs create your reality and your life
-How to transform stress into peace and non-attachment
-The difference between the conscious and subconscious mind and why conscious intentions, affirmations, and willpower don't always lead you to what you want
-How your perception and mindset alters your cellular biology
How to use muscle testing as an effective way of communication with subconscious and test your beliefs at a deep level
-Why most self help is a waste of time
-How negative and self destructive beliefs are formed and how to transform them into empowering beliefs
-How to identify a core belief
-Why your mindset is key to manifest your desires
-Recurring patterns and it's link to your subconscious beliefs

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