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Monthly FOSS Chch meet up
We meet monthly to discuss all sorts of stuff about free and open source software (FOSS). We've been going for a couple years now. We do demos of software, presentations about coding, platforms, and stuff. We talk about what FOSS is (and isn't), FOSS-friendly employment, how to find work, how to contribute to FOSS. Attendees talk about projects they're working with, that they use, how others can use them. We debate stuff, help clarify confusing topics, and generally have a good time (meetings run from 2-3 hours, and people can come and go as they choose) Some future ideas of what we could do: "help clinics" for people wanting to run FOSS apps, like maybe put LineageOS on an Android phone, or install Linux on their laptop, address any annoying niggles... We could demo deploying a cloud server running Linux, deploying Docker containers to run some useful web app, look at hardening a server. Ultimately, we do what attendees want to do! Sign up and help chart the course we take!

Christchurch Office, Catalyst IT Limited

Level 1, 284 Kilmore St · Christchurch

What we're about

This is for people who are interested in both the nuts and bolts of free and open source software (FOSS), learning what community developed software's all about, and working out the implications of the FOSS mindset on government, education, institutions, your community, and wider society and the democratic process here in NZ.

The group is affiliated (by virtue of a few common people) with the NZ Open Source Society ( ). Our purpose is to share our love for freedom and community. We like to build up "the Commons" - the environment in which we all live, especially the virtual side of it which is created by software.

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